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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    Monk is superior due to lower overall cost (energy refills faster) and also has a root tacked on to the ability AS WELL AS a 1 second baseline gcd.

    Ferals auto-apply their slow on their most important/most used attack (also works on mangle, not only shred).

    Hamstring is undeniably the worse slow in the game and by a pretty freaking large margin.
    Never said it wasn't the worst, but both of those things I showed are true and show the OP to be, in part, invalid.

    Don't get me wrong, hamstring is still shit.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Disable even uses the Hamstring icon. It's as if they deliberately went out of their way to annoy Warriors with that move, as it's pretty much something Warriors have asked for since... well. The start of WoW. Hamstring is horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfriend View Post
    If you don't use unending rage glyph you're doing something terribly wrong. That's probably, in general, the most important glyph to use. That 20 extra rage is an extra execute in a CS, an extra HS in a CS, enables more pooling for when you're enraged, and much more.
    Yes I know, I know.. That's why I mentioned that I forgot the apply glyphs for correct singletarget sims anyway. Just a bit overrated glyph though, since it's more of a convenience issue. I've always been able to fit 4 executes with 100 rage bar. It just means using Berserker Rage in middle of the execute smashing (or nowadays get lucky with a free 2pc enrage proc), so that's not even true. Still helps and makes it easier no doubt because capped rage is potentially wasted damage.

    Also most of the time I was always being "HS GCD capped" during CS duration already so the latter isn't always 100% true either. But overall it definitely helps on those situations to hit more HS's, where you can't count on White swings and BT/CS crits to replenish rage bar enough, so having 20 more on bank can help a lot for a prepared burst. Even more for a SMF though, since TG's rage generation is a lot more bursty so it can peak back more easier during the execution.

    Btw, doesn't hamstring also have 1s GCD? It sure has felt like it. Doesn't make it any less bad though...
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