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    Quote Originally Posted by mmmmmmmBacon View Post
    yes, but battlegrounds with objectives allow you to overcome those moreso than you'd have to deal with in a deathmatch scenario. In a deathmatch you'd just have the two groups butting heads at each other in their 10v10 groups, until eventually one team was camped at their spawn point. while this can happen in your standard WSG, it isn't too common, and the teams will fracture off to complete the objective of capturing/returning/defending the flag. A team with 10 dps does stand a chance if they divide and conquer against a team with 6 dps 4 healers, whereas in a deathmatch setting, a melee heavy team without support of healers would be at a supreme disadvantage of a team loaded with mages/hunters/warlocks, which have great control on melee and put out heavy damage from range.

    Think Southshore from back in level 60 days: yes, many people look back at that with fond memories, but it was always just hunters and mages vs hunters and mages, with any melee who ran into the enemy team getting crushed immediately by suppressing fire. It would be the same scenario in every deathmatch game over and over.
    So when i and 2 other healers keep the warrior machinery up and running they would die?
    Imagine 10v10
    Not southshore with 100mages in a raid.
    Besides blizzard is launching a class que system for bg's in 5.3 to ensure equal amounts of healers

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    Quote Originally Posted by fisayoolat View Post
    ROuges will always win lol. Just hide till everyones dead
    That sounds more like a free for all last one stands win.
    TeamDeatmatch are known for kills equals points and the team to reach the limit wins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kipling View Post
    and different to arena it would have respawns, just with a target number of kills etc
    Yeah man, I would love it too. I am always playing tactically right, but this would be cool.

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