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  • Blood Death Knight

    3 23.08%
  • Guardian Druid

    4 30.77%
  • Brewmaster Monk

    0 0%
  • Protection Paladin

    0 0%
  • Protection Warrior

    5 38.46%
  • Demonolgy Warlock (w Demon Hunter Glyph)

    1 7.69%
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    Whats best tank for rated bg-s ?

    What's the best tank class for rated battlegrounds ?
    Currently I'm under the impression that prot paladins aren't very good. Horrible mobility, can't use invulnerability while carrying a flag.

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    If they're good, Guardians are pretty optimal, but it's much, much more difficult to play than Prot. Prot Warriors are strong thanks to high survivability and mobility. Blood has excellent survivability, but the mobility is poor; I can't really think of any situation where I'd rather have Blood than Prot.

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    Prot Warriors, mostly because of their incredible mobility and ability to shut down dps with stuns and spell reflects. Being able to Heroic Leap out of Smoke Bomb is probably the biggest up they have over everyone else, and their self healing below 30% is incredible through Second Wind.

    Prot Paladins are generally the worst. Majority of their survival tools are dependent on attack power through vengeance: without it, they are very weak: sacred shield, seal of insight, and WoG all healing for pitiful amounts. Their mobility tools are also limited: tier 1 talent and freedom, no charge or sprint (unless talented for Speed of Light) and even with Freedom, susceptible to slows without having Emancipate or Cleanse like their Ret or Holy counterparts.

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    At the moment, you have to choose Prot War or Guardian based on your strat. I'm sure other people will/have gone through the advantages pretty well, but... in 5.3, barring no change to the FC change, Dark Apotheosis Demo will be the best flag carrier, with maybe feral/WW in a pretty distant 2nd.

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