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    Enhancement Professions

    So I currently have Enchanting/Jewelcrafting, and I'm thinking I should drop one for Engineering. My issue is I have all the cuts for JC and save myself a lot of gold by cutting my own gems and disenchanting has gotten me a lot of gold from selling crystals on the AH.

    Is the profession worth it for an enhancement shaman if my guild is working on heroic modes now?

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    Depends if it is worth it to you. Hell even Purge is still JC/Enchanting.

    also I'm pretty sure BS would be better than engi now that enhance is going full haste gems.

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    Probably. But I don't have my meta or an RPPM trinket, so haste reforging/gemming isn't a big increase yet. Thanks though.

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    Engineering is the best profession boeth in RL and in WoW!

    Now for serious. If you are looking into min/max`ing your toon, then engineering is actually rather strong. Unlike other profs the engi bonus is a cd that can be lined up with other abilities to maximise its effect. In the long run its either equal or better to other prof bonuses. Thats a plus right there.

    As a money maker its a bit lack luster. Compared to the rest, engies have a rough time making the big bucks. Most of the things we can sell are expensive to make and the margins arent as great. Im sure theres someone out there who made their first gold cap with engineering, but thats rare.

    Now, as far as perks goes... boy is it good. You get your own lock picking bombs (no need for rogues), repair/bank bot, mail box everywhere, glyder/parachute, nitro boost, jumper cables, flame thrower, bombs, bling bot, cool looking goggles, airplane mount, can craft the chopper and plenty of pets and cool gadgets (portals are useful too).

    Its great and Im glad I made the switch from mining. I run JC/Engi on my enhancement shaman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caballitomalo View Post
    nitro boost
    That seem to always blow up in your face at the worst possible moment.

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    I don't think it's worth, it might not be the ultimate min max but your profs are really good already.

    Engi is more about perks but is still best min max (on demand prim stat boost + off the gcd bomb belt).
    BS is the most flexible.

    I have alch+engi and very happy with the combo. 2h flasks and instant bank/repair access as well as transporters. I had JC earlier in stead of alch, but really disliked it (JC dailies and such), switched start cata and never missed it (although i have JC on an alt).

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    Herbing is simming as the best proffession. It's value appears to be greater than the next two profession combined due to the ability to line the CD up with other stuff. Combine with engineering you will get every other engi glove lined up with lifeblood which has a synergistic affect (more agi increases the DPS per haste point and similarly each haste increases the value of each agi).

    Engi bombs just throw it completely over the top. They never fail unlike the boots.

    Engi gliders have also had some useful moments this tier (getting nest to nest without a feather, the Durumu knockback that happens during the stunned life leech, etc).

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    I've always enjoyed Engineering on my Shaman characters. The CD for Synapse Springs lines up pretty well with our other big CDs, allowing a good amount of burst. Already having two other maxed professions makes it tough to decide. If I were to keep one of what you have, I'd probably keep Enchanting (as it's harder to level imo, and you can make a lot of money through the AH, as well as it being useful) and then drop JC for Engineering. I tend to spend less on gems than I do on Enchanting mats.

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