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    5's Help.

    I posted not long ago about 3's team but seeing as we now have 2 new people joining us we are going to form it into a 5's team , we have a Mistweaver Monk , Mage , Feral Druid and Ret Paladin , what would a suitable 5th be , we were thinking maybe a Warrior or Hunter?. Any help/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Another healer probably. Single healer 5's teams don't really work without a rogue and don't work well after a certain rating.

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    Hmm okay we can swap the Ret paladin into a Holy pally or a priest , would a Rogue be the best bet for a 5th? or can a Warrior/Hunter work?

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    Sorry forgot to say (again) this is for when the new patch rolls out.

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