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    Tips shouldn't be expected or asked by the provider, imo.
    It's up to the customer to decide if the service was "good enough" to justify giving an extra reward to the crafter.

    If I get a crafter, who does his work, and he proves to be a nice person, I pay his crafting fees, plus a tip.
    If I get a greedy provider asking for a tip (besides his fees), I don't pay the tip.
    Sometimes, I get one of those crafter who work for free (for skill points). In those situations, I'll try to tip him, for his effort.
    Tips are optional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squeezus View Post
    Actually it looks like a lot of people don't really understand what a tip is here either. The reason a tip isn't required is because it doesn't come before the transaction and isn't an agreed upon amount. That doesn't mean that it isn't something that should be expected though. In most industries and WoW where tipping is commonly used, it is factored in as an expectation. Minimum wage laws are even based off of tips being a required supplement to the amount the worker makes.

    In WoW, if you use someone's services without a fee, and also do not tip, then you are in fact going against what is expected. A tip is not something that just randomly happens every once in a while, it is an unagreed upon amount that the social standards surrounding the transaction dictate should take place.
    Guess this is in the US? Heard u got some fckup laws about this.
    Never gave anyone tip, never heard anyone give tip and never heard anyone expect it(Irl that is).
    Never seen the point of giving ppl tip for doing their work. And if its a service and u didn't say it would cost, dont expect money.

    Iv got tip 9/10 times that I crafted stuff for ppl (Got Lw, ench, pots, tailoring). Ofc it looks stupid when ppl put in 5g after I crafted full pvp gear for em, but some give noticible amounts.

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    It depends on how you see it. I am personally a crafter and I know that sometimes crafters need to invest in their own paterns/recipes that perhaps costs a lot of time.
    I normally do my crafts trough my guildies/friends and almost never asked for a fee unless the person requesting it was an arrogant or I had to fly to them. Since Cataclysm, pretty much everyone can craft anything, but in TBC... well there was a different story.
    A short example...:
    Not many ppl were in position go get their hands on high end patterns and one of the most requested item as a cloth wearer for example was Belt of Blasting, which I got from TK. I remember ppl spamming Shattrath for it and there were very few replies due to insane prices as the vortexe's were bup, but once I got mine I had ppl in line waiting for a craft. During those days, having a pattern with high demand while being on low availability also made you quite popular as a crafter. People often would gave tips up to 200-250g.
    Tip or fee it has no matter to me as a crafter or requesting one and if so I always tip. Otherwise, some abuse the fee and ask for an overpriced one, than I'd look further.
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    When I cut gems for people in Cata, I simply put them in the window and clicked trade before any gold popped up. I never asked for gold up front, but what I did do was if the person gave me nothing, they went on ignore so I wouldn't end up cutting gems for them again. Some people would give me 100 gold for cutting two gems, which I thought was overkill, some gave 5 gold, which was fine. As long as the person wasn't rude a cheapskate, I'd be happy to provide them the service again.

    Unfortunately, in the real world, you don't have the option of refusing to serve customers that don't tip most of the time. I waited tables in college and it was easy to identify when you were sat with a table that you were just going to make your $2.13 an hour on and nothing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey P View Post
    Unfortunately, in the real world, you don't have the option of refusing to serve customers that don't tip most of the time. I waited tables in college and it was easy to identify when you were sat with a table that you were just going to make your $2.13 an hour on and nothing more.
    $2/h? wtf

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    back in BC, when arena's first came out, i was one of the first people on the realm to have the +resil to chest enchant. i charged a fee and people still tipped me

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    I don't mind paying a small fee for someone to craft something. But when it's 150+ gold for a belt buckle I don't bother. I don't feel clicking the craft button deserves 150+ gold.

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    A fee is a mandatory payment and should be stated in advance.
    A tip is optional, and should not be expected but simply appreciated.

    If you simply must have a payment, then say so in advance.
    Which is good manners and common sense at the very least, irrespective of whether you agree with the definitions of the terms or not.

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    Yes people misuse the terms. Anything you ask to craft something is a fee, if they give you extra beyond what was agreed it's a tip.

    But we're playing a game where people still say things like "please PST" and "transmorg run" so I advise not getting too hung up on the details :P
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Honestly, I don't care what word you want to use. If you expect to be paid, say so. The person on the other end of the computer is (probably) not a psychic. And (probably) has absolutely no way of knowing that "Sure, I can make that for you" actually means "Sure I can make that for you, but I expect at least 20 gold and if you don't offer it to me completely spontaneously I will irrationally judge you as a terrible human being".

    Never, ever, ever rely on unspoken rules in a business arrangement. Period. Put it in text if you expect to be paid.

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    If it's a new/rare/expensive recipe, I'll specify a fee. If it's a guildy/friend, I won't charge a fee and will refuse tips (unless it is a CD-based/BoP profession item like Silk or Songs).

    On my alts, I never ask random people for portals/crafting because I don't want to tip. I'll hoof it or wait until someone I know is online.
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    This is exactly why I don't respond to people saying "looking for enchanting!" unless they append that statement with "will tip." If someone doesn't come right out and say they'll tip the I've found the likelihood that they will tip is low.

    And I think charging a fee is fine for rare enchants. If they don't want to pay it then screw them, they'll realize the error of their ways soon enough. People have two options when looking for rare chants: find someone who can do them, or get them from the AH. However, on the AH they usually sell for a huge even if you're charging 50g to chant with mats you're actually saving them a lot of gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BergErr View Post
    $2/h? wtf
    Every state is different, but in Kansas, where I attended college from 2000-2004, if you had a job where you received a certain of tips, or were expected to that is, the minimum wage for these employees was $2.13/hr. I didn't work at the best restaurant, so good tippers were hit and miss, but after tips my wages were probably $12/hr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn 470 View Post
    I used to tip ( And recieve tips) in TBC / WOTLK / early Cataclysm when money was actually

    Nowadays, people still offer 20g tips and stuff which isn't actually that much, it's the same amount as vendoring 2-3 greys, and assuming we scale, it'd be like 100g tips, which just dosen't happen.

    Nowadays I craft without expecting tips, and I don't give out tips, since it really isn't worth it anymore.
    Why dont you just tip 100+ gold then? I can understand not caring about getting a tip if its only 20g but not giving someone a tip is rude. Just because other people give small tips doesnt mean you have to.

    I dont craft things much for other people, especially what I sell on the AH. I make a lot more gold off of the items on the AH. If I did make something I would expect a tip even if its 10g. The amount doesnt matter, its about respecting your time and effort leveling your profession and getting patterns. I always tip and the amount depends on how rare the pattern is or how much I have to promise in trade to get someone to whisper me. That doesnt happen very often though since I have every prof and most of the patterns I would use. If I dont have it Ill probably buy it if its reasonable.

    Also I never use people who charge fees for crafting because Im going to give you what I think the craft is worth, not what you think you deserve. It kind of goes back to me feelings about tips. I tip because I appreciate your help but charging a fee is selfish or you think Im cheap and wont tip you enough.

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    A tip is optional, a fee is not. If you want/expect money for your service then you set a fee. If you're okay with not getting money, then just hope for tips. If you don't set a fee, you can't be mad that they don't give you money, simple as that.

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    I almost always tip when someone is making something for me. BS helm, weapon, or weapon enchant.
    I'll usually tip atleast 50g but if someone is really nice or I'm in a good mood upwards of 500g depending on how rare the pattern is.

    Now if I get in a group with the crafter & they tell me to come to them then I just flat out won't tip them. I consider it laziness.

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    If you don't ask for anything, you have no right to complain if you don't get anything. I'm not fond of mandatory tipping at all, but in real life people that work those jobs don't have another recourse. In game, people can always just charge a fee outright or do something else for gold with ease, so I view tipping as optional. I'll tip what I think the service is worth (taking into account difficulty in leveling the profession, difficulty in obtaining the pattern, etc. I don't tip anywhere near as much for trainer patterns, for instance.) However, the instant someone complains about me tipping enough, they lose all future business from me (in person or on the AH; I keep a list of people that annoy me so I can make sure not to directly patronize them.)

    There was an idea I saw a long time ago that I loved: tip a small amount (1-5g). If they complain at you for being cheap, that's all they get. If they don't, send them a larger tip via in-game mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prokne View Post
    Also I never use people who charge fees for crafting because Im going to give you what I think the craft is worth, not what you think you deserve. It kind of goes back to me feelings about tips. I tip because I appreciate your help but charging a fee is selfish or you think Im cheap and wont tip you enough.
    Honestly, if I'm doing something solely for the sake of helping you out, I am far more likely to be offended by you offering me a tip than I am by you simply thanking me or offering me a favor in return. (Similarly, I will sometimes run guild mates through dungeons when they ask, but I will NEVER run them through if they offer money in return.)

    A tip is optional. If there is any negative consequence to not performing the action (such as being considered rude), then it's not truly optional. I respect the time and effort you put into what you do, which is why I personally choose to tip; however, if I don't ask a fee for my services, I have only myself to blame if I don't get one.

    You're proposing that people who want to do things for money (ie in the fashion of a business) rely solely on the goodwill of their customers for their money. That just doesn't work... and I cannot comprehend your position regarding people who charge fees. If you're willing to pay 50g and someone's only asking 20g, will you refuse their services? (If it really bugs you to pay that much less, you can always tip them 30g; tipping is, after all, an option regardless of whether a fee is charged or not.) Obviously if you're willing to pay 50g and they charge 100g that's a person you won't go to for assistance... but then, that's just free market at work.

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    i dont think i ever charged a fee or even requested a tip back when i played. leveling up professions was generally never a time sink nor really a pain in the ass. i almost always got enough mats to hit max level generally by just farming the mobs from questing during the leveling process. hell sometimes i would even give stuff away that i crafted if it wasnt of any use to me.

    i dunno i guess im just an asshole, i never thought that leveling a profession to max level warranted me tipping for their service, even more so if the pattern they crafted was easily obtained or just learned from the vendor. about the only time i would offer tips would be if the person used some sort of 24 hour timer.

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    Tip is kind of like saying "thank you" after someone says "bless you" after you sneeze. You are not required to say "thank you" but its very inappropirate to do so.
    Since WoW is an annonymous enviourment, It is wiser to simply charge fees for your clicks. After all, customers materials are kind of useless to him unless he has someone to change it into an object of his/her/its desire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prokne View Post
    Why dont you just tip 100+ gold then? I can understand not caring about getting a tip if its only 20g but not giving someone a tip is rude. Just because other people give small tips doesnt mean you have to.
    This. I used to have a lot of things crafted in BC, but I always made sure I tipped 100g+ to make sure it was worth their time. (granted, that'd be more comparable to 1000g with inflated daily rewards now)

    If you're an enchanter, you prolly know this already... but every so often I see people in trade asking for an enchanter to link in trade... NOT for an enchantment or whatever, but just link... so, I take the 2 seconds and link it...

    15 minutes later, when I'm in a dungeon, or halfway into a queue or something... I get whispered a random list of enchants that add up to about 50g of mats from this complete stranger with the promise that "they'll even provide the mats", or the even better one "Do I have mats on me?"

    At which point I reply that I inform them that I don't craft for Trade. Even *if* they happen to be the exception to the rule and tip me afterwards, a 20% tip off a 100g enchantment doesnt even equal the same amount I could get from running and killing Sha for a bag of gold in the same amount of time it'd take for me to wait for this guy to buy the mats off AH, trade me, and then get the enchant. *if* everything goes smoothly, which it usually doesnt and I end up having to explain why I can't make enchantments from these 2 stacks of linen cloth they just traded me.

    Think about the person's time. If you can't afford to give the person 100g per 5-10 minutes time spent dealing with you... just go to the AH or mail a guildmate with the request. (I'm very proactive about making sure my guildmembers get what they need for free, but wasting my time is a fast way to get on my bad side, too)

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