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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn 470 View Post
    I'm not sure why people seem to think i'm a dick here, I tagged a rare spawn first?
    Kids trying to white knight and failing due to being completely clueless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn 470 View Post
    I suppose i'll tell the story then.

    We were just all waiting in krasarang for the Zandalari Warbringer to spawn, theyd came from Dread Wastes, I'd came from Jade Forest, I was there first by a minute or so, then they came, we were all waiting for it to spawn, those 3 started spamming AOE to try and get the tag faster than me, but I had the faster reflexes and got the warbringer and killed it, they then started messaging me saying theyd noted my guild name and character because apparently they felt they deserved the rare spawn more than me.
    This should be in your OP imo.

    Would save me from making my first post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn 470 View Post
    I'm not sure why people seem to think i'm a dick here, I tagged a rare spawn first?
    Because they may be as narcissistic as the people you pissed off, they also feel all tags belong to them, have lost a tag to someone before, and are taking it out on you; the one resembling the situation they have hate for.

    These type of people feel 'better' than everyone else, so even if someone else is there first, they think they are more deserving of anything and everything in game; while all others should have to otherwise stare at their greatness and wait for their turn, once they've gotten everything they feel they need ... ofc unless you mention LFR, then they think no one deserves it

    People are brutally selfish assholes; and there are quite a few in that culture 'destroying' the social aspect of this, and any MMO/multiplayer game. Don't let it get to you, and don't fall to their level of douchebaggery.

    If it was a heroic ICC, you can't transfer it to a different toon. If it was normal up to LK, you probably could, since you didn't get saved to the heroic kill.

    The only way you can really find out for certain, is to enter ICC on that toon, run to LK, see if he is there. If he is, you win. If not, better luck next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baar View Post
    This should be in your OP imo.

    Would save me from making my first post.
    You jumped to conclusions anyways, the op didn't say "ha I ran in and ninja'd the tag!" or anything like that, only that they legitimately beat others to a tag. You just eagerly decided how it went down based on absolutely nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn 470 View Post
    I'm not sure why people seem to think i'm a dick here, I tagged a rare spawn first?
    and i'm not sure why you ask people if a gm could do x while you could have either just make a ticket and see there respons. or call them. or even freaking wait till the lock out if over. if you don't know how people work on forums.

    but did you group with the same people who tried to tagg it to?
    or are you even sure that the warbring tagging was the reason for kicking you? or did they just needed you for faster killing but didn't want to share the loot with you?

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    Offtopic: How is he a dick when he can handle things faster than other players on his realm? If they really wanted the rare they should've pulled earlier and stop whining, imo.
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    Did someone steal a rare spawn from you guys too? You all sound really upset.

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    OP did nothing wrong. i've had nodes and rare spawns, and rare pet tames taken in front of me, and I usually just respond with a "you son of a bitch!" in jest. I might be miffed about it for a bit afterward, but realize that the other player did nothing wrong.

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    Apologies to the OP. I posted my post while he posted about the AoE. that makes me revise my opinion. if they arrived later and tried to tagspam you out of the tag, they're the ones in error, not you. I was assuming from the tone of the OP that he stole the spawn that they were waiting for.

    that's why you should always try to post the full story right away, because people might not see your later post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyos View Post
    If possible then you can try this by creating a raid with a friend with no ID and activating yours, then relogging to an alt, friend invites you to raid, now your alt can enter instance with ID from your main.

    This basically is how you "transfer" ID's from one toon to another. It's a little bit hassle, but if you know you can solo it might as well give it a shot then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn 470 View Post
    I'm not sure why people seem to think i'm a dick here, I tagged a rare spawn first?
    simmilar thing happened to me on my horde char, we were waiting for one to spawn in jade forest, a bunch of allies turned up and tried to kill us when it spawned, they killed us and stole the tag from the warbringer, so we ressed and killed them again and got our tag back, they kept ressing and trying to kill us but we wiped them a few more times, they gave up and like 5mins later a lvl 1 horde started whispering and spamming us.
    people turn into douches when it comes to rare spawns for some reason.
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    A spawn cannot be stolen even if one party arrives later. The one who tags it first is all that counts. It would be a different story when someone pulls mobs into the people already fighting to let them wipe or something like that. But just tagging it first is nothing but the slower party's fault.

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    Had this happen the other day with a guildie. We where out duo killing some warbringers. We got to a location first and a second group showed up. My judgement was faster then their hunter trying to ninja pull and we got it. After we killed the warbringer and went back to the shrine, we where getting flamed in trade chat by the people we supposedly stole the tag from.

    I hate how entitled the community on alot of servers has become

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    Clearly more to this story than is being told
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    Quote Originally Posted by BaP View Post
    Yep, I agree
    Just because it was 3v1 doesn't mean the 3 were right. Those rare spawns are anybody's game and that was a dick move if he wasn't being mean to them. sounds like they are arrogant assholes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn 470 View Post
    I'm not sure why people seem to think i'm a dick here, I tagged a rare spawn first?
    You aren't a dick, especially if you were there first. (Honestly being "first" doesn't mean shit if you are too slow/blind/retarded to tag it first anyway) You were just trolled by a couple of butthurt players. The fact that they cared enough about a virtual rare spawn to remember your name and kick you from a four year old raid should make you smile knowing that their butt hurt that bad.
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    Blam! Bitch puddin'!

    The GM's won't help you. Ya made your bed, now lie in it.

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    Tagging a mob first is wrong ? Sorry, but are people here stupid ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galilei View Post

    All i read was that you tagged the mob first, got the kill, received loot and the other players who were too slow were crybabies.

    Mob tagging has been here since the dark ages, not sure why everyone acts like it's a brand new tactic.

    It's not like you stole a world boss from them or anything. Crying over a rare-spawn is one thing, but holding a grudge over it? fuck that. It's like crying over someone tapping a mining node before you, or snagging a lotus before you. There'll be a lot more rare spawns and if you got the tap first, then it's your kill fair and square.

    Try getting a buddy to step into ICC with your lockout. disconnect (alt+f4 should work) and log onto an alt, and have him invite you. if you get a warning saying "11/12" bosses down (or however many are in ICC) you're in business. Your buddy shouldn't get saved unless he's present when the boss dies, your alt might get saved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn 470 View Post
    Sup guys

    Basically, to cut a long story short, I tagged a Zandalari Warbringer before 3 other ally could, they say i'm a dick and stuff, blah blah.
    Later on, I do a ICC25hc and two of the three people are in this raid and are friends with the RL.
    We get to LK and they kick me mid combat and I get teleported out, but my lockout still says the lich king is alive, despite the fact that they killed it.

    Is there any way in which I could transfer that lockout which apparently is TLK alive, to a character in which I can solo LK25h?

    Also, would GMs do anything about the lockout thing?
    the only way you can transfer it is with 2 accounts or more, or if u use a buddy. invite your buddy, or toon from another account, have them zone in don't leave group on the character with the lockout, just log-off, log on toon u want to solo with, have buddy invite, zone in, and you should be golden.

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