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    Resto help, not sure what is going wrong

    I have a resto druid in my raid group that is struggling. She was a middle-of-the-pack healer last expansion but doesn't seem to have transitioned well to the changes in MoP. Can anyone take a look at logs of our ToT runs last week and maybe give me some advice on how to improve her healing? I know absolutely nothing about druids, so I'm really at a loss for how to help.

    It won't let me post links to my world of logs but I can PM them to anyone who might be willing to offer some opinions.

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    You can add every letter of the link minus or spacing the .com and we can look it up. Just an FYI

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    worldoflogs. /reports/kagtgm3uetwkg1j0/

    worldoflogs. /reports/d7yb2c643x75fi42/

    Thanks for the work-around. Would really love some opinions on how to help our druid out.

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    Ok im not the best resto druid out their but by looking at the logs quickly I notice that regrowth is one of her most used spells witch it really shouldn't be!!!!!!! shes not using swiftmend a lot like she should be so shes missing massiving healing from that. also lifebloom beating wild growth again not what it should be.

    Tell her to read all resto druid guides. By looking at these logs she has never done anything at all to do anything about her druid. "Hey look blizz gave me these cool green things on my bar /faceroll) gotta do some reading about your class that's for sure.

    But yeah swiftmend on cooldown or as needed but don't wait for to long. Wild growth should be used on CD or after more then 4-5 have some damage taken at least witch is most of the time. Honestly though have hear read druid resto guides.

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    Bit hard to tell bout the gear as he's wearing moonkin stuff on armory.

    To begin with the uptime of Lifebloom is rubbish, it should be up all the time to allow Clearcast.
    Secondly I'm not sure why he'd use glyph of Reju seeing as he doesnt use nourish. Unless he has a very good personal reason to not use glyph of Regrowth, he should take it. It goes together well with Incarnation, seeing as he uses it. Tell him to whack up a ton of Lifeblooms as he pops it and use the clearcast spam he gets from that for instant (very much so critting with the glyph) Regrowths.

    Position the Swiftment better. Even on the Jin'Rokh kill where you're bound to be stacked he barely has any healing done through Efflorescense (ie Swiftmend nowadays).
    Cenarion ward is next to useless, especially as he doesnt seem to use it, so you might want to pick Nature's Swiftness instead as an "oh shit" button combined with HT.

    Granted, I raid in a 25 man and mostly play priest nowadays, but if he feels his spirit is too low to be able to cast "enough" rejuvenations he should prolly get more spirit.

    If Incarnation isn't a "must have" cd for your raid, you could also try him take Soul of the Forest and combine the use of Swiftmend with a following WG on aoe heavy fights allowing more ticks for WG.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate the opinions and people taking their time to look at the logs. I think we'd knock down bosses a lot easier if I can get this druid up to speed but I'm lost with the class.

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    Lifebloom up time is a big factor on several of the kills. The jinrokh kill her harmony up time is kinda low at 84. She is using natures vigil, which isn't wrong but isn't getting maximum number of uses out of it, she may see increased through put from switching to HoTW for the static int. Unless her healing weapon is garbage and soon to be replaced, get her to put Jade Spirit on it, 2 of the 3 windsong procs are pretty meh. She isn't casting nourish at all, so the rejuv glyph is a waste. Regrowth is the preferred 3rd glyph but if she really prefers having that hot to swiftmend off there is always Brez or stampeding roar that would be doing something over the nothing that glyph gives her. Have her log out in resto gear so we can check reforging and gemming.

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    New Input:
    1. The player is at 3255 haste which can be reforged / regemmed down to 3043.
    2. Spirit levels are fine as it is since your comp does not provide any external mana CDs, may need to continue gemming spirit for a while until the player reaches a comfortable level.
    3. The player should spam HoF pt 2 LFR with a healthy stock of elder golden charms in order to achieve at least 2 pc T14 which will provide a healthy mana situation for your progression.

    As already mentioned:
    1. Lifebloom should be running about a 80%+ because every tick has a 2% chance to proc Omen of Clarity (free heal) which will allow the player to heavily use regrowth to their whim.
    2. Harmony uptime should be above 90%+ for any Normal+ Raiding druid due to the requirement for our Mastery to be active (a direct heal every 20 seconds, which is easily achievable with a swiftmend with a 15 sec CD)
    3. Tree of Life / Soul of the Forest revolve around personal play style and the ability to maximize the talent. I believe the player is fine with Tree of Life given the mana conditions of your raid as mentioned.
    4. With the Glyph of Regrowth, using Regrowth with Nature's Swiftness will heal more on average than Nature's Swiftness with Healing Touch.
    5. If you do plan on using Nature's Vigil, it is often used as a HPS increase for spikes in a boss encounter.

    Play style observations:
    1. Defensive CD usage is good.
    2. Keeping DPS essential debuffs up needs work (Weakened Armor via Faerie Swarm) could be a lot better to help your raid DPS.
    3. Rely on Rejuvenation more as your bread and butter spell vs using Regrowth because it will have a higher Healing Per Cast Time and Healing Per Mana than Regrowth outside of Omen of Clarity.

    Gearing Recommendations:
    Purchase the valor healer trinket, run T14 LFR until the 4 piece T14 can be obtained (which will help significantly until 4 pc T15 becomes available). Though there is a loss in stats, the 4 pc T14 synergizes very well with Soul of the Forest or at the least the 2 pc T14 is worth a lot of equivalent spirit / mp5 due to the mana saved.

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    How much should a druid healer be concerned about overheal? Our druid is hovering in as high as the 50th percentile overhealing. I feel like her effectiveness is being compromised by the other two healers sniping her. She indicated to me that this is why she had ended up using regrowth so much, because her other hots are losing effectiveness and becoming overheal.

    Is this an issue with resto druids or just her?

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    It's an issue with all druids, since it takes time for hots to fully tick. She should not have to resort to spamming single target heals since the only real "sniper" in the raid is the Hpal and the DKs, the monk isnt really using uplift that much from what I can see.

    And your raid has a ridiculous amount of total healing. Just about all of the raid is overhealing above 50% on the logs I looked at. Consider dropping down to two heals?
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    What kind of hps should a druid be putting out?

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    1. Overhealing is only a concern if you are going oom and you are wiping from lack of heals.

    2. The target hps number is finishing the encounter with everyone alive. Unlike dps, healing is zero sum meaning on farm content if one healer increases their hps another healer will generally lose hps. For progression, it will help you benchmark from previous attempts aka are they improving.

    3. From a raid leader standpoint you have to balance if you have enough dps to reach a dps benchmark and if you have enough healers to keep everyone alive to reach said benchmark. Healing done / hps can only help you evaluate how well a player is doing in keeping the raid up, but you do have to read deeper into meters just like dps meters, such as whom was healed, how much damage they took from avoidable mechanics, min / maxing of abilities. Generally if your healers are within a few % of each other they are competitive with each other, though as of 5.2 DPriests, HPallies have an easier time of staying ahead of the pack due to the strength and duration of shields.

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    Hello Euthyphro.

    Just did a quick check of her gear on the armory.
    For starters her gear is shit, and Rdruids benefit by far the most from gear. Small things she could change, reforge her 3366 haste down towards 3043 (not beneith) as it is our most valid breakpoint. Any haste above this point is useless. Also she reforged 138 mastery -> haste (on her weapon) that should be changed.
    She can cut the haste off from bracers / ring / OH / gloves. Most likely will just need x2 items reforged towards mastery.

    I agree with the fact of using SOTF. However I disagree of using it as she does not have 4/5 T14 that would sync her Swiftmend and wildgrowth, and increase the healing by a substantial amount. My suggestion would be to go for incarnation, and use swiftmend on CD, everytime. If nobody has taken damage use it on a tank (I personally use it on CD on my MT and I´ve got several Rank1 HC healing in my time). Rejuvation should be up 100% of the time on a tank, same as lifebloom.
    WG imo should also be used on CD, especially if your Guild is willing to go get her T14 4 set. Atleast use WG when 2-3 people taken damage (it should be on cooldown almost the entire fight).
    Rest of the talents + Glyphs are good.

    Another thing that should increase the healing by quite abit is the new epic meta gem. It´s insane for Rdruids. Just get a WeakAura to track when the ability is active and you can cast 2-3 rejuvations for free.

    (Last but not least use shrooooooooooooms)

    Why get her T14 4 set:
    Well T15 is dogshit of Rdruids, and seeing your progress. You maybe have time to do some runs for T14 Set pieces.
    I myself used T14 (4/5) up until 11/13 HC cleared in ToT

    She gets like 8or9% less cost on rejuvation which is good as it is our prime used spell (2set) she has 1/4.
    (4set) = reduce swiftmend CD so it has a perfect sync with wild growth ergo using SOTF gives her each and every wild growth around 4-5 more ticks. And that is massive. Secondly it makes her never being in need to think of WHEN to use WG. Swiftmend should always be on CD (ALWAYS) ergo having Swiftmend and WG synced = Swiftmend and WG should ALWYAS be on CD togheter =)

    Now for the sad part.
    Rdruids shines on heavy damage fights.. I don´t personally raid normal or 10 man. But I must assume that there isn´t much damage taken in 10 man normal mode.

    Sadly I play on EU so not able to have ingame chat for pointers etc, best of luck

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