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    How to get high skilled in pvp as gladiators?

    Hi everyone,
    I´ve been playing pvp since almost end s11 as a Warrior (main) and DK. In s12 I also started playing pvp as a mage.
    In s12 i was able to reach a raiting of 1,7k (3v3) with my warrior on a low pop. pve realm against my realm pool with high skilled pvp realms.
    In s12 beginning I didn´t keybind or learend that much about other classes, but at the mid-end I started learning every class what they can do and I keybinding everything. To become better I moved to an high pop. pvp realm with my warrior. On my old pve realm i was in the top 3 of pvp players. On the new realm my world got crushed because on these realm a lot of people had 2,2k+ exp and gladiator and the realm pool was harder. I was still able to beat people with an exp of 1,6k and 1,7k e.g. in 1v1 but not against higher exp people be it in 1v1 and any other pvp category. I know 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5 isn´t balanced but i see people who e.g. have gladiator beating people in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5. My main class is the warrior, i love him and i don´t care if he isn´t as powerfull as in s12. I just love him and i want to master that class at first before i master all other classes. What I try to say is, I see warrior with Gladiator titel in s13 on high raitings and beating people who i can´t beat atm so be it in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3,... etc! I even see warriors playing on high raitings in 2v2 e.g. with a statistic of 137-15 (eu) or 106-5 (eu). I want to get there where they are in every pvp category . Now, after view weeks of break and deleting WoW because i was frustrated, i just came back. I do have to learn again about all classes and set new bindings.
    And I want to say that I´m kind of sad about the WoW-Community. On my new Realm Aegwynn EU (since S13). I´ve tried to communicate with high exp PvP players but they either didn´t reply or said things like " Lol, I don´t know " or " No time! ". I can understand if people don´t have time or don´t know how to explain such things, but really all with the same excuses!? It kind of hurts me that elites want to play, chat , train etc only with other elites. I even asked/begged people to teach me how to play my class (warrior) and understand pvp as good as they do, but they didn´t want to help me. :/
    And it´s almost not possible to get a permanent partner for 2s or 3s on e.g. my realm Aegwynn Eu if you don´t have high exp and/or raiting.

    MY questions are:
    How to get high skilled in pvp as gladiators do?
    I know practice, practice and more practice is the key to get better in pvp.
    But, how and what exactly do I have to practice/do to get high skills like gladiators do?

    If you want to chat or talk with me about pvp, just pm me and maybe we´ll exchange our skyp id´s.

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    I find there are 4 factors in pvp that can make you high rated:
    Being good at your class(skill)
    Knowing other classes(this can be even more important then even knowing your own class!)
    Knowing the right people, communication is important, and in a mmo it is even more so, being on the right server and on the right guild can be a game changer.
    Equipment, having a good computer so you get good fps, and good net for fps, and even having the right addons can be important.

    Usually if you have 3 to 4 of these you can be a high rated player. Each of these I think are equally as important.
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    -positive mindset
    -frendly partners
    -understand that there's always a way to improve
    -playing insane number of an arena games and review what you did wrong and make sure you don't repeat same misstakes
    -working as a team

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    If your computer is not shit, i would recommend using a recording program i.e fraps/dxtory to review your gameplay after longer sessions of arenas, it allows you to analyze what you are doing and if there were any communication failures in a way less stressful environment, making it easier to learn and spot things done wrong.

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    Honestly it's about knowing what's goin to happen before the game happens... When you first see the comp your up against and how to beat them using positioning on the map and fast switching to the kill target after the set up cc

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    Good macro/keybind
    Knowing what the classes you play agains/with can do
    Good Ui
    Talking to your teammates call out what you see.

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    You just need to play a hunter, that's usually enough for MoP 8<

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    u just mentioned it, practice, practice and practice, be patience, everything has its own time, try to watch a lot of streams, there is no shortcut or something, u just need to play a lot, every high skilled ppl / gladiators are nerds who loves the game and are motivated enough to play a lot, thats the only way, If I can give a small tip I would recommend u to check all the def CDs of each class

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    There have been some good points made here but I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the single biggest factor in playing at the gladiator level. It's not skill (that's relatively easy to get) but AWARENESS.
    A gladiator is always aware of his own and his team's health, same with all enemies. He keeps track of all his important cooldown timers as well as his enemy's. He always knows his position relative to all nearby allies and enemies. He does not tunnel vision and miss a key event.
    Skill is something anyone can achieve with enough effort. Awareness CAN be improved but only to a limited degree. It's entirely possible you'll hit a wall where you just can't keep all those things in mind while engaged in furious combat.
    Never stop trying to improve, but do realize you may finally reach a wall you can't scale, at least without more devious means like nootropic drugs/stims to improve your focus.

    On a related note I'd recommend this guide for taking your play to the next level. The final section is all about awareness and links to a great vid on the subject at the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalas View Post
    There have been some good points made here but I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the single biggest factor in playing at the gladiator level. It's not skill (that's relatively easy to get) but AWARENESS.
    Depends on how you define skill. I guess for most people (me included) awareness is a sub point of skill. That's why it wasn't mentioned as a "new" point. Skill as such isn't defined as e.g. only meaning that you can play your class (and even there awareness is included to a certain degree, because if you are not aware of what's happening you are not able to play your class to its potential).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drummer View Post
    Really good partners
    This is important. If your partners don't want to improve you wont as a team either.
    this game sucks

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    Good communication and good positioning is the difference between duelist and gladiator

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    microwave pizza, mountain dew, government assistance, adult diapers.

    hit join queue and dont stop until you're out of diapers.

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