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    I think that ToES is environmentally the weakest of the three instances. It's still fine for the most part. I don't think that Lei Shi is that bad either, but the design might've fit an earlier position in the tier better.

    Quote Originally Posted by Meleti View Post
    it didn't help that Sha of Fear was 18 minutes of nothing followed by a mildly interesting encounter.
    It was extremely long, yes. I remember it clocking past 20 minutes in the beginning even with the nerf to the first phase. It was an interesting design that I think could've ultimately been improved a lot. I kind of liked the idea behind Lei's Hope, making the fight feel like two encounters in one.

    My biggest issue with the fight was how bland the phase two environment was. I was originally expecting something dark and swampy.

    Quote Originally Posted by esatikkane View Post
    Tsulong HC is one of the worst bosses in mop.
    I thought it was one of the tier's finest.

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    My biggest problem with Sha of Fear is that the first phase is just mindnumbingly dull. Use an addon like most people did, and Dread Spray is a joke. Then the whole first half of the encounter is just Patchwerking the boss and avoiding those little bolts.

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    I think the acronym could use some work...

    I prefer big, large scale raids with fun mechanics. ToT delivered on that. (BT, Ulduar, ICC, kind of Firelands) I hated MSV, I hated HoF. MSV was, well, visually amazing. HoF was freaking ugly, as to be expected in a damn bug lair. The fights were also incredibly boring.

    I can't help but wonder...aside from Org, where we will be fighting at. They definitely don't want a repeat of DS, so that means they don't want to host it at different areas in the barrens/durotar/org. I'd guess we'd start at point a and fight our way to Org... maybe some lair underground.

    Terrace reminds me of that one place in the Vale, in the middle where you buy the leatherworking patterns. They just changed the color scheme. Boring. Tsulong, though, fun fight.
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    Terrace was okay, but far from the best raid ever. Lei Shi was annoying as hell, and the Sha boss at the end is 10 minutes of literally playing with your eyes closed. I guess the only challenging part of that is to not fall asleep. So that's half the instance is pretty boring and annoying.

    Tsulong is very fun, I do like him, but the first boss is pretty boring too. So out of 4 bosses, one is fun, one is mildly entertaining, one is amazingly annoying, and one is boring as hell. Safe to say it wasn't the best raid ever.

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    TES was horrible imo. The first boss is utter trash, to the point of it feeling like trash. Tsulong is okay, Lei Shi is horrendous and then Sha of Fear is just horrible on normal and heroic.

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    It was okay I suppose, all the raids in that tier struck me as "pretty good, not amazing". Don't know why people hate Lei Shi so much, he's not that bad. Is it because if you AFK mid fight you wind up pushed off the edge and die? LOL.

    I don't mind raids with little trash, don't know why people complain about things like ToC (which I thought was a pretty fun raid, not as cool as Ulduar maybe but that's a hard act to follow). Because trash is so awesome right? I mean I like big sprawling instances as well, Kara Naxx and Ulduar are still probably my favourite raids (and BRD is one of my favourite dungeons!), but that doesn't mean I don't welcome a raid without all that trash in my way now and then.
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    only thing about toes thats good is the minimum amount of trash and generally a fast raid, the bosses are meh.

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    It's certainly exceptionally good.

    My only real gripe is that they continually struggle to order the bosses in terms of difficulty.

    Opening week, Horridon and Council were utterly brutal for anyone short of T14 BiS.

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    Its not the best raid ever, but it is "OK". I was a bit like ToC as Revak says, but i really likes ToC more because of the whole "gladiator feeling"...
    I have been playing since vanilla beta, but stopped raiding late tbc - since then i only did a bit of raiding every now and then with my friends. i HAD to try every raid , except firelands.
    To me , the best raid ( if we dont count cool single bosses) was Naxxramas in vanilla wow - it was really fun, and every week our raids grp went to get the zandalari buff, onyxiabuff etc to ensure quick progress.
    regarding single best boss, i have to say the most fun i ever had was at cthun - if someone wasnt placed right, it was a wipe it really had alot of teamwork in it.
    unfortunally we were the 2. guild on the server to get that kill, but the competition in the communitys back then were also really fun , and sometimes i miss it

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    I thought all the bosses in there were average at best, and no trash isn't a good thing (ToC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    I thought all the bosses in there were average at best, and no trash isn't a good thing (ToC)
    No trash is fine. ToC was mediocre because the bosses were lack luster and gating not because it had no trash. No trash was the only thing that made the instance tolerable.
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    I liked the raid. Cool fights and looked very good. Enjoyed it every time I went there.

    It COULD have something to do with HoF though... Went there many times with my guild and I have hated that raid since the first time I entered it. I have played since classic and HoF is easy the raid I hate the most. SO MUCH. Maybe thats why I like toes.. :P

    Mogu shan vaults gotta get some love to! I like that raid to
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    ToES for me was TOC 2.0. It was awful, uninspired and boring.

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    It's a great GDKP instance (shame GDKPs didn't make a comeback, normals a tad too hard I guess)

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    No, it is not. 3/4 bosses are ridiculous. Sha is awfully stretched in time, thus being awful for progression tries. Lei Shen, while it is fun and dynamic fight, also is the most annoying one. Guardians are badly balanced, because elite way to kill is much more easy than normal. Only one good boss was Tsulong, which is too little for a raid instance to be best. But, personally I prefer ToES more than HoF, because HoF is beyond ridiculousness, with all that nonmagic spiked damage making lots of raid cooldowns unusable, preferring plate classes over anything due to passive damage reduction, and preferring paladins over everything due to their cheesy cheaty double hand of prot. Also, it has worst vehicle based fight ever, and Empress was too hard for 10m raids, with almost impossibility to defeat her without a Disc. Not to mention Garalon "the 0.5% enrage raid wiper" bastard. MSV is my total favorite for t14, because it has 5/6 brilliantly designed bosses.

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    I liked ToC for some of these reasons. A competition among the factions, a nice PVP style fight in the middle, and then it gets jacked in the end by Nooby.

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    i dont like it.

    Boss difficulty is wrong, Lei SHen as example is very easy while Horridon has still a huge wipe potential.

    Also Durumu is horrible overall, even if he is easy. Not to mention Dark Animus.

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    I would say it's the worst of all three T14-Raids, especially because of Sha HC. This is the most boring fight ever and absolutely not worth a final raidtier-encounter. Visually it's okay, since it's just like the vale, which is nice. And yes, little trash is the only good thing in this raid
    But encounter-wise? All bosses were just gear-checks. Have enough DPS to kill the adds in time => Protectors are no problem. Have enough heal for tsulong during day => Tsulong is no problem. You can start WoW => Lei Shi is no problem. You can stay awake for over 15 minutes of absolute boredom => Sha of Fear is down (and yes, I've done all bosses on heroic before ToT).

    MSV was far better. Different stages and enviroments, interesting bosses and an interesting end boss fight. Even HoF was better, argument are the same as for MSV. So I strictly have to disagree with your statement. By the way, I would say, ToT is the best along with Ulduar (okay, nothing is better than Mimiron hardmode ^^), although at some points, there is too much trash. But bosses are okay, the first ones are little easy (but it's intended), later ones are partly really tough (except Iron Qon, which is a bit(!) undertuned ^^). Lei Shen (which I progress atm) is a real nice fight (as all end boss fight with transitions seem to be), Durumu is great an so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genooo View Post
    very little trash so most of the time is spent doing what I come to raids to do
    The raid is amazing in the same way ToC was amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grimsanta View Post
    I must be the only person who liked HoF.

    But I hated ToES. Lack of interesting trash. 3rd boss sucked. Sha was horribly boring. I did like Tsulong quite a bit, protectors was ok.

    ToT beats the last tier hands down though.
    You are not the only one who liked HoF
    I find HoF and MSV much more interesting than ToES when you look at fight mechanics. Visually ToES look nice though i still prefer MSV. I just love the Mogu Theme in there + inside ToT.

    I didn't do any of the ToES fights on hc and only Blade Lord in HoF + some in MSV on hc before 5.2 hit, but from a normal mode PoV i really don't ToES.
    Sha is a long boring fight and not any better than Garalon. Protectors normal Elite was way to easy and Lei Shi was just annoying. Tsulong was a nice fight though. But compared to HoF - Grand Empress / Amber-Shaper / Blade Lord are better fights than those in ToES.
    Also i like Feng / Elegon / Will of the Emperor in MSV. This is just my personal opinion though

    Another thing is, ToES felt so easy compared to Amber-Shaper / Grand Empress on normal. We spent a couple of weeks being stuck on those fights, where as with ToES we killed the whole instance in one night when we finally unlocked it.

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