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    Did cataclysm XP ever get nerfed down?

    Im about to level character 78-85 today and was wondering did cataclysm XP(80-85) take a nerf just like pandaria?

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    yes extremely.

    you need from 84-85 4,5 million XP, back then when cata was released it was 9 million.

    I do 80-85 in about 4 Hours.

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    All expansions get nerfed hard to the ground after the expansion is done, same thing happened to cata/wotlk/tbc/vanilla.

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    Yes it did - quite a huge one. Some...what? 50% I think. I've leveled 3 new toons post Cata and it's a breeze.

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    85-90 xp nerf is not until 5.3 iirc.
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    You'd think I would remember specifically, but really the first thing that came to mind was "Recruit-A-Friend" followed by "Scroll of Resurrection"
    So... Yes.
    Oh, this: 33% 82-84 50% 84-85. Quite significant.
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    Everyone has already said Yes, so I'll add a tip:
    When you ding 84, go to the Crucible of Carnage in Twilight Highlands with a few higher level friends. You'll get something like 15-20% of the xp needed (depending on heirlooms, guild perks, etc) in 5 minutes.
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    When was Cata XP nerfed? 4.3? 5.0?

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    I think it happened with 4.3. Quite a big nerf too.
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    Yes. By the time Cata was almost over I believe. They did the same to LK as well during Cata.
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    Cata XP was nerfed by around 30% right around or before MoP came out. WotlK's exp was nerfed by 20% during 4.3 too

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    Leveling through Cata content goes by really quickly now; on my mage I completely cleared out Hyjal and was maybe halfway through Deepholm before hitting 85, throwing dungeons into the mix as well.

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    I was done within like 20 quests once I hit twilight highlands.
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    The reason I was asking when Cata XP was nerfed is because nerfing MoP in 5.3 seems highly unusual. I know they always nerf XP at the end of an expansion, but this is the first I know of them doing so in the middle of one.

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    The reason I was asking when Cata XP was nerfed is because nerfing MoP in 5.3 seems highly unusual. I know they always nerf XP at the end of an expansion, but this is the first I know of them doing so in the middle of one.
    It's an attempt by Blizzard to encourage the leveling of alts, seeing as many have complained that MoP is wholly unfriendly to players with more than just a main.

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    They nerfed it by about 50% for each level (more or less, some were like 30% or so).

    It's so quick now that (heirloomed) I went from 80-84 in a day easily.
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    Other than the crucible of carnage, try queueing for grim batol specific at 84. Gives a lot of xp from mobs, especially with rested. It's like the utgarde pinnacle of cata.

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    Also worth noting that Cata has a lot of dungeons available for its 5 levels compared to BC and Wrath, all of which have dungeon quests which make your first visit very rewarding. Makes 80-85 a breeze compared to 60-80 where you run repeat dungeons A LOT.
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