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    Spec help

    So here's my armoryéamo/advanced I'm relatively new to locks beginning in 5.1. I have played mainly destro but now with Kjc changes and just that affliction and demo is better on specific fights I need to change.

    Every time I try to dps as affliction I barely pull 90k. Demo for me bursts at 180k but drops to 70 -80k. I know my trinkets are poor for both of these specs but would getting uvls and breath/wooshulays really affect my damage output a lot?

    Also with affliction do I use fel flame to extend the duration of the dots or just recast? As I can't find this in any guides. ATM my gear is reforged for destro so that could also be an issue.

    Is my dps low simply because of my lack of experience or a combination of gear and experience? Thanks

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    Your gear is not at a level where you should worry too much about the fine print. Get some upgrades, and get a good feeling for the fights and which specs shine best on which encounter.

    Generally, I would recommend Destro for lower gear levels. While both Demo and Aff are viable, they work best with UVLS (Demo) and the legendary meta gem (Aff). UVLS in particular is so good that you should absolutely try and get one - there is no better trinket for Demo anywhere, including heroics, even for the LFR version of UVLS.

    Also, I wouldn't start worrying about the PTR changes just yet. We have MONTHS of testing and changes ahead of us, and who knows how it will end up on live. The new gear, trinkets, and most importantly the fights themselves, are also largely unknown. These factors matter a lot in selecting your spec!

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