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    [Resto] 50% mastery necessary for 25m?

    So I just transitioned from 10m to 25m and as I've geared up I've found a lot of ToT gear is lacking mastery.
    I went from reforging all mastery pieces and still being over 50% to now being around 47% (after reforging all my mastery pieces to either haste to meet the 3039 mark or to crit).

    Should I leave what mastery pieces I have alone(instead of reforging) or is being below 50% okay?

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    It's perfectly ok. There's nothing magical about 50% mastery.

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    50% is a number made up by the hippies with no mathematical or practical proof of being a reasonable stopping point for mastery. Literally the difference in output between [gaining 3% mastery at 45% mastery] VS [gaining 3% mastery at 50% mastery] is insignificant.
    People constantly LIE that there is some special "Diminishing returns" that kicks in at 50%. There isn't, it's a nice slightly rounded curve with no sharp corners. People constantly tell themselves and others that 50% mastery somehow saves lives way more than 45% but 55% would be overkill.

    At the end of the day. Mastery is just mastery, you don't need any specific amount. And if you are aiming for higher haste breakpoints* odds are you'll drop fairly low on mastery but it's ok, because the haste will provide more output to your important heals than the mastery would have. *For 25 man, @520 ilvl or 515 w/ meta... I recommend going 7613 haste breakpoint (AS talent, 5% raid buff) which DOES mean losing some spirit but it is completely worth it.

    I personally did about a 3:2 or 3:1 ratio of crit:mastery rating from gear while I had 3039 haste. It worked fine.

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    Okay that's pretty much what I was thinking. I'm terrible at math so I tend to steer away from all the number crunching.
    I'm currently at a 504 ilvl, so I think I'll need some more ToT gear to get to that next haste breakpoint.

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    with Higher level ToT gear and the meta Gem I think mastery is our worst stat anyways, and by worst I mean pretty damn good, but not better than Haste or crit

    Haste scales really well, has reachable breakpoints, gives you more Meta Gem Procs, and gives you more room to get more heals in during said proc. Crit, while also being roughly equal to haste and mastery in the throughput department, also is helped by your meta gem simply because when that thing procs and you start casting healing surge like mad, while give you a greater chance of having your free casts actually give back mana, instead of just free, making each meta gem proc a Mini Mana gained cooldown.

    Mastery on the other hand, is just + healing done differently, and if you have a lot of absorbs in your raid, can be diminished in value

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    I'm running around with 73% mastery and I love it. With 2 Disc Priests, 1 Holy Priest and 2 Holy Paladins, there isn't much to heal for me. I could go for haste or crit and steal a little heal from them, but that's useless. But when there's a lot of dmg coming in, I trash the other healers by a mile. That's what shamans are for. Not topping off the group but preventing deaths and wipes when heavy dmg comes in.

    But it's all about your setup. I can afford to only heal melees with HR and sit back most of the time. If you have to heal a lot all the time, you shouldn't go full mastery. I haven't tried it yet, but in that case I'd go full haste, but only if you have the 4pc set bonus.

    Of course my main stat in any case is spirit, because I'm a mana battery...

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    Does anybody know how mastery is working for Tortos HC? I feel comfortable with my haste build, but I´m curious.

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    Mastery works just like it does for every other fight on Tortos, If the person is at 80% with a shell on it will absorb as much health as if you casted the heal on that person at 80%. The only difference is that if this was a Big heal it will not likely overheal

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    As others have said there is nothing magical about 50% mastery. Just reforge for whatever haste breakpoint and then crit, don't worry about mastery. At higher gear levels you will have 50%+ mastery even reforging out of it anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akato View Post
    Does anybody know how mastery is working for Tortos HC? I feel comfortable with my haste build, but I´m curious.
    Mastery is a terrible stat for Heroic Tortos, because so much of your effective healing comes from stacking the absorb shield on targets at 100% HP, and mastery is still linked to the actual HP % of the target. You basically have to accept that you will get little to no value from Mastery on that fight.

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    I personally go for full mastery. I'm not 25m, but Rshaman stats in both sizes are purely subjective, I know a couple of high progressed Shamans who go for pure mastery and some who go balanced, some even pure crit/haste I've seen. It's all up to your playstyle, you can't treat healing like a spreadsheet, especially Shaman healing.

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