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    It's more like if you queue up for LFR you go in and ninja pull bosses to cause wipes and yell : I do whatever I want, my time - my fun. I just want to shoot lasers out of my finger tops, I don't care for loot or killing bosses.

    Just go to a target dummy or duel outside Org/SW if you don't care about the objectives in raid/dungeons/pvp.
    It's a bit different than that in PvP, mostly because the person screaming the loudest in Raid/BG Chat has no idea what they are talking about. That isn't always the case, but more often than not it's a key turning, backpedaling whiner screaming "GAWD YOU GUYZ SUCK!".

    Maybe the person should know better, but getting a random tell from someone who's acting all high and mighty is going to throw anyone on the defensive. Especially if historically the people who whine the most are the worst players.

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    The best way to enjoy randoms is to first off turn off every form of chat from whispers to BG chat. Then download the most God-awful UI full of shit clutter there is to distract you from the score. Then proceed to enjoy every random BG you join because you cant read all the insults in chat and are also ignoring the score so you cant see how bad you are losing.
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    I am going to puke if I hear the "... go rbg then" excuse. I play bgs when I have time - sad that you are telling me that you are so uterally bad at pvp that I need to go find an organized team of people and schedule time to play because YOU are unable to follow simple rules and instructions. It feels like I'm being forced to babysit the little ones again, this time without getting paid to do it.

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