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    1. Culling of stratholme (really, nothing good about this instance, at least it's okayish when you can skip the rp).
    2. Violet Hold. Instance gets completely ruined by the inability to chainpull, means that it takes ages to complete and you are unable to get anything resembling a challenge.
    3. ToC. Just boring, but at least it's quick.
    4. Oculus. The dragon part is remotely fun, once.
    5. Blackrock depths. I feel like I'm being a bit unfair, the instance would be fine as a raid/with guildies, but seriously, such a big instance with random groups is just asking for trouble.

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    Hard for me to pick, I feel there's more bad ones than good ones. I have ran so few 5 mans in MoP I can barely remember their names.
    I can agree with most mentioned so far though being terrible 5 mans.

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    Can't believe people are panning Dire Maul. Dire Maul was amazing when it came out, so much to do and great loot. I really wish Blizz would do something along the lines of the old vanilla mega dungeons like BRD, BRS, DM and Maraudon. I'm trying to think of a top 5.....but I'm struggling, maybe I'm too easily pleased but the only time I haven't really enjoyed Dungeons is here in MoP and that's just because I'm kinda just bored by the idea of grinding Blues in dungeons to gear up.

    1. Occy - No one seems to like it, I don't think I liked it but that was because it was the only WotLK 5 man that you couldn't just brute force down because of the Vehicles.

    2. Shado Pan Monastery - Just seemed abit long and tedious and the environment is rather muted and boring. Don't like the Sha stuff, its fine for the lore but there's something about the aesthetics of Sha themed stuff I don't like.

    3. Any BC Heroic if you weren't in a guild, I solo played a Hunter in BC once I started needing gear from 5 man HCs I was pretty fucked. Getting the group together then finding it wasn't capable of getting past most of the trash....hard times. If I'd been in a Guild I might feel some love for them but I wasn't

    4. Cata DS Dungeons? I did them once, I still don't think I've ever done Well of Eternity. Regardless from what I saw of End Time they just seemed pretty loveless and I didn't need the loot. Maybe they were a little on the short side? Dunno they just felt wrong, like most of that patch lol.

    5. Halls of Stone? Again more to do with the idea that WotLK HCs were like one massive zerg rush and that gauntlet was tedious.

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    In no particular order:

    Early Heroic Blood Furnace
    Heroic Shadow Labyrinths
    Original Sunken Temple
    Heroic Stonecore
    Halls of Origination
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    1- Oculus
    2- ToC
    3- Sethekk Halls
    4- Sunken Temple (Old version was so annoying)
    5- Violet Hold

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    Blackrock Depths is pretty much my top 5.

    I can't think of any other 5man instance I dislike to any extreme, BRD is by far the worst. Hell, even with LFD it isn't better because it spawns you in the same place whether you got into the last half or the first half. Not to mention in LFD you skip like half the bosses anyway. It's completely idiotic, I'd rather it just be removed from the game, especially since if you're leveling now and you do LFD (and if you're a tank/healer this is by far the fastest way to level) you get BRD for like 8 straight levels.

    I really don't have any issue with any other 5man, I think they're all more or less fine.

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    Can I list the fact that Mists has no new dungeons for me to hate and makes me keep running the same horrendous dungeons over again as my least favorite?

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    For me: Mauradon*, Halls of Stone, Auchenei Crypts, Wailing Caverns* and Sunken Temple*

    Honourable mention: LBRS*

    I don't particular like the Oculus, but it gets points for uniqueness. I'm unsure whether to put TOC5 on this list; I actually kinda like the non-jousting boss fights and that one boss is random, but the first part is just sooo bad.

    BRD is the dungeon I'd like to revisit the least, but I think I have to admit that objectively it is a pretty cool dungeon. I just never never never want to go there again after the countless hours I spent there in classic.

    *original versions
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    Least Favorite Due to Design:

    1. Old Hillsbrad (bosses are boring, long flight there is annoying, long flight back is annoying, setting the fires is annoying)

    2.Shado-Pan Monastery (I want to like this place, but I can't. Too many stunning mobs (I'm a tank). The design of the place that causes every group to skip so much of the trash at the end; how about not adding it? The gantlet thing is stupid. I still don't exactly know Snowflower's mechanics. Still don't full understand the Sha-bosses mechanic. All I know is that as a tank I get feared a lot and dps/heals get annoying adds on them. CBA to understand the fight better. Final boss with the light-purifying mechanic is no bueno. Dragon + Monk fight is a snoozefest. Frozen arrow archers are pointless and annoying. Still can't consistently avoid them.)

    3. Deadmines (orginal; confusing as hell to navigate)

    4.The Oculus (I didn't mind this dungeon that much personally. But the fact that it so painful for some people that they had to bribe people to run it tells me there were some serious problems. Admittedly, the mounts were not what they could have been)

    Least Favorite Due to Personal Reasons:

    1. Dire Maul (all; don't like the look of the place, the layout, the trash, or the bosses)

    2. Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (early in Wrath, this dungeon was painful in H for pugs. Fungal area felt random and unnecessary. In general don't like.)

    3. The Vortex Pinnacle (while leveling up my toons I feel like I ALWAYS get this place. Now really sick of it.)

    4. Grim Batol (just meh)
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    Hmmm, let's see:
    - Dire Maul
    - BRD
    - Old scholo
    - Uldaman
    - UBRS

    Basically, old vanilla instances.

    Edit: dishonorable mention for Oculus too.
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    1. Oculus
    2. Grim Batol
    3. Deadmines (Cata)
    4. Zul'Gurub (Cata)
    5. Violet Hold

    The first four I always got stuck with dumb-asses, and the last one was soooo damn boring...

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    Oculus, Magister's Terrace (loved the place, hated the Priestess fight), ToC, BRD, Shado'pan Monestary.
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    5. Grim Batol Heroic before nerf. Imagine a dungeon with a possibility of wiping 20 times.

    4. The Oculus. Long and dull.

    3. Dire Maul North after Cata. If you leveled a toon via lfd you will share the pain on this.

    2. Blackrock Depths after Cata. Same as above, but much worse.

    1. Mana Tombs Heroic. I never understood the logic of this instance lore-wise. Plus, extremely boring and repeatetive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Even though I have to admit Mauradon is one of the worst. I do remember having the best time of any dungeon in that place. All it took was grouping up with a great bunch of random players and one particularly crazy tank.

    This was back when the WoW community wasn't so bad and could actually take time to enjoy the game instead of trying to speed through to max level and then be bored of lack of quality content.
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    1. Wailing Caverns (post Cata)
    2. Sunken Temple (post Cata)
    ^ ruined two great instances : (
    3. Trial of the Champion
    ^ no trash mobs : (
    4. Stormstout Brewery
    5. Jade Temple

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    1. The Oculus - no competition. Hate those flying parts and the last boss. Remember wiping for so long that the trash at the entrance resurrected? That was a sign telling you it's time to quit trying.
    2. The Culling of Stratholme - the oh-so-long RP part at the beginning, all this annoying running around, the inability to speed things up no matter how well-geared and coordinated you were.
    3. Violet Hold - if the group was bad and you wiped, you had to start all over! If the group was very good, you still couldn't speed anything up. Also I had to run this dungeon 18 times (!!!!) to get those stupid epic cloth wrists. Damn I hate this place!
    4. Old Sunken Temple - this one was really annoying! Run around, kill hundreds of mobs, find a boss only to realise you haven't killed someone else and the dragon is still asleep. And don't forget about that endless spirit run if you happen to wipe! Meanwhile I loved Blackrock Depths, despite them being a maze.
    5. Stormstout Brewery - not sure why, but I always sigh if I get this dungeon. I just don't want to go there. I never cared enough to get to know the actual mechanics of the encounters in this dungeon, so everything seems so random and annoying...
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    1. Auchenai Crypts. God this place was crap. Loooooong chain of horribly boring trash leading up to the worst 5 man boss designed. The last boss was really the only acceptable part of it, although he wasn't particulary interesting.
    2. Dire Maul. I don't know why, but I just hate this place. All of it.
    3. The Occulus. Mostly because explaining to a PUG how the drakes work is totally impossible.
    4. Old Hillsbrad Foothills. Stupid mechanics of burning the houses and then you have to SLOWELY follow Thrall for an eternity. This instance alone made me hate Thrall, a character I loved in WC3. He was redeemed in Cataclysm though, much better there.
    5. The Shattered Halls. The trash gave me nightmares.

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    Wailing Caverns
    Halls of Stone

    Really the only ones I truly hate.

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    A tough question to answer, but I will take a crack at it.

    #5:Auchenai (spelling) Crypts. - I simply hate that this place had the staff my feral wanted in tbc, proceeded to never drop it and is just a boring, lowly 2 boss 5 man.

    #4: ToC - Mounted combat was gimmicky, obviously. Not many people got it, and it's one of the few extremely difficult 5 mans to solo.

    #3: Diremaul - I disliked this instance from the get go. Remnants of the high elf society? Containing demons in our back door? Annoying trash and even more annoying boss prerequisites? No, thank you.

    #2: Shado-pan Monastery - I think it's okay that they sort of want to fill the quota for making atleast 1 unforgiving or annoying/painstakingly long 5 man per expansion, but good god this one narrowly misses being 1 strictly because the lore behind the Monastery itself saves it.

    #1: Magister's Terrace - I had a terrible experience when it was relevant content playing a holy paladin, shadow priest and feral druid at the time, was never capable of getting into a pug for the heroic version because my holy paladin "couldn't aoe heal, wtb rdruid" my shadow priest couldn't CC nor could my feral druid as kitty, and bears couldn't "hold aoe threat". Even guild pugs were wary of taking me at first strictly because of the class make ups, probably one of the worst designed 5 mans in the history of this game in all categories. (Lore, level relevant encounter design, level relevant availability, level relevant time consumption and level relevant loot((I say loot simply because MT was the first of the "catchup" 5 mans that later became known as ToC, FoS, PoS, HoR, ZA, ZG, ET, WoE and HoT.)))
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    Wailing Caverns
    Dire Maul
    And it's a crying shame that Horde are players are presented with RFC when the Alliance get Deadmines!

    Grim Batol and BRC early-Cata pre-nerf were awesome (difficult 5 mans ftw!) as long as you got players that weren't stupid and had cc on their bars. Warlock Banish+Fear in GB in particular were really cool.

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