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    I played vanilla, worry not.

    The thing is, back then I wasn't a frequent visitor of wowhead/mmochamp, not really sure if those even existed. Only thottbot was in for me, and this thing kinda sucked. So, what was the problem with BRD?

    You got in, wandered around seeing multiple routes and not knowing which to take (dungeon maps were introduced later on). You could kill some bosses in the lower section, the arena event was cool and easy, you could get to the boss that drops Fiery Weapon, kill Houndmaster - but you did all those things because you were hopelessly lost. After a few more minutes you still couldnt figure anything out, and, for example, wandered right into the big fire giant near the entrance - and this thing was way higher level than other starting bosses.

    So, basically - you wander aimlessly around, don't know what the goal is or where to go, and if you indeed manage to proceed somewhere, you are getting suprised by sudden challange. This place didn't resemble current instances at all - it resembled an entire zone where everything wants to kill you and you don't really know where to run away. And I know what they tried to do with BRD - the thing that worked out with LBRS or Stratholme, a place thats more an advanture than a dungeon of "run forward and kill until we get vp". But BRD was too big, too confusing, too messy and too discouraging. Thats why I hate the place.
    And don't forget some pats had a respawn time of some minutes, and even the normal trash was on a 60 minute respawn timer (which you would easily hit, we spent every evening for five days in BRD until we had completed all available BRD dungeon quests) - so it was even harder to tell if you had already been there.
    But unlike you, this is exactly why I love this place (and until today I can guide you blindly to any event or boss you want).

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    This is my "I die little inside when I see loading screen" list:

    5. Drak'Tharon Keep
    4. Escape from Durnholde Keep
    3. Sunken Temple (pre cata lfd)
    2. Shado-Pan Monastery
    1. Siege of Niuzao Temple

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    1. Halls of Stone
    2. Trial of the Champion
    3. Oculus
    4. Hillsbrad
    5. Black Morass
    6. Halls of Reflection
    7. Throne of the Tides
    8. Halls of Origination
    9. Gnomer
    10. Violet Hold

    Reasons of gauntlets, vehicles, waiting, elevators, waiting, and RP.
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    I'd say:

    Oculus: Enough said
    H. Deadmines: Long, terrible dungeon. Awful gauntlet, annoying bosses, too much trash
    H. Stonecore: Just for the corridor before Ozruk, and Ozruk himself before they added the visual for Shatter
    H. Zul'Aman: Long, difficult, and lazy. At least ZG was a total redesign but ZA was basically the same exact place as the old raid with a different model at the end that did the same things as the old model.
    H. Halls of Reflection: Gauntlet was awful at first. Great lore, awful implemntation.

    Honorable mention goes to Grim Batol because of the annoyingly stupid trash and gimmicky bosses, and the hard DPS check on Erudax. Also ToC for the jousting part.
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    Wailing Caverns (vanilla)
    Dire Maul

    I can deal with everything else, but those depressed me.

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