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    Companion question: Landro's Lichling vs Lil'KT

    I was really wondering i got with TCG loot the landro's lichling, and from the store lil'kt. And the strange thing is they are the exact same model!

    isn't this really strange, since u will have to pay real money for both of them?
    is this maybe something blizzard looked over?
    i know its not a extremely big issue but i found it really strange!

    what you guys think/know about this?

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    Do they at least have different colors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galbrei View Post
    Do they at least have different colors?
    No, they're the exact same other than name and likely item ID. You can learn, and pay for, both. This is also true for the Lil' XT and the Landro's version, and the Tsunami relief hippogryph was the same as the old one until they tweaked its beak a little.
    I'm not sure why they have two versions. Maybe it's sort of an incentive for TCG players, a chance to get the Pet Store pets for "free." But since they're not the exact same item that's not really true.

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    yeah i was wondering this myself. are they the same. cuz i just got landros lichling, which is said to be the mini version of kelthuzad on the redeeming site. but i remember there is also a pet called simply lil kt from the blizz store.

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