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    My misinterpretation and subsequent disappointment about Secrets of Ragefire.

    I remember reading an achievement for the Secrets of Ragefire Scenario on the front page a couple weeks back. Well, half read it anyway, something along the lines of "Survive until x wave of x.."

    Somehow got it into my head that the scenario was one of those infinite gauntlets of mobs coming at you in bigger and stronger numbers, giving better rewards the longer you survive. Obviously I was wrong, but it was a really cool thought.

    What do you guys think, would it be awesome to have a Scenario with unlimited waves of progressively stronger mobs with maybe minibosses every 10 waves or so? Get better rewards the longer you survive, with an epic achievement/title for reaching wave 100 or something stupid like that

    Obviously the mechanics would need looking at as something like this would strongly favor having a tank in your group, which is not what Scenarios are about really, needs to be doable with 3 dps.
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    bad idea - if you wanna play an ebndless game play it on facebook/smartphone/pad but not INSIDE wow....

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