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    Retrospective rating

    Ok now the dust has settled lets all revisit the expansion that was once voted the worst.

    Ladies and gentlemen, please leave your thoughts on Cataclysm.

    Was it really that bad?

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    If it were not for Annual Pass, I would have left much sooner. There was too many promises, too many let downs. Too little was done too late, and the content that we were being provided was not long-lasting nor was it meaningful.

    Cataclysm started off really strong, with a lot of new leveling content, a wealth of new dungeons, and 3 raids ready and waiting for us. The follow up was supposed to be a full raid (Throne of Tides), but was changed to be revamped Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman as 5-man heroics. Then we got a raid with only 8 bosses and way too much trash. The Molten Core dailies were a nice addition, but I personally felt the design was too linear and could have been a lot more randomized. Finally we got Fail of Deathwing, the worst raid of the bunch. Not only was it a raid with little content (at least make new models for the bosses!), it was further trivialized with the introduction of LFR. The timing made the raid feel much less epic than the raids that came before it. At this point, content stops completely for about an entire year before mists of Pandaria content was added.

    These are highlights of what went wrong. There are many things good as well that came to light in Cata, such as the great Worgen and Goblin starting zones, the revamped flight-enabled world, the epic legendary quest lines and the incredible phasing technology, but much of the experience is soured by the lack of content originally promised. There isn't really much you can do with a revamped world when there is no reason to go out other than leveling alts, and heirloom items and revamped dungeon systems for lower levels made it trivial to raise an alt through questing.

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    The leveling content in Cata (80-85) was very well done but at the same time was very disjointed. Not a good start.
    Storyarchs not even being finished like we saw in Vashj'ir.
    Too long of a final tier and a pretty bad final tier at that.
    Too many scrapped plans and cancelled projects that left the whole expansion feeling very lackluster.

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    Disjointed, recycled, seemingly half finished, and simply not very good at all, though I did enjoy the whole firelands thing.

    Was it the worst thing in the history of video games? No.

    Was it the weakest expansion? Very much so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Disjointed, recycled, seemingly half finished, and simply not very good at all, though I did enjoy the whole firelands thing.

    Was it the worst thing in the history of video games? No.

    Was it the weakest expansion? Very much so.
    A valid opinion.

    The worst for me was wrath because it brought about a disease that has permeated into all aspects of gameplay from the occasionally entertaining achievement system to the community killing lfd tool.

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    It was average. It looks worse because it came from 2 amazing expansion packs. If it didn't have BC and WotLK as good as they were, Cata would have looked better. The revamp was much needed, the zones looked good even if the stories were meh, the raids were a mixture of bad and good
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    The only good thing I can think about Cata is the ease of taking care of alts. But not everyone manages many or even any max-level alt, so I'd understand how some people hate the expansion.

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    Didn't think it was all that great, but I didn't think it was all that bad. I'd rate it as solid. Not bad, not great. Not even sure about "good" ... but I'd definitely call it solid. Solid enough to have bought and stayed subbed to without regrets.

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    I don't like your options.

    I liked Cataclysm, but I don't miss it, because WoW is still awesome.

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    My fondest memories of Cataclysm was raiding Firelands. That's about it though. And I did level alot of alts which I ended up enjoying.
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