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    Enchanting/Engineering in Raids

    Is there any particular reason that Blizzard won't add Enchanting/Engineering patterns in raids anymore, like in TBC? Engineering for example, in TBC you could upgrade your Engineering head each patch i believe (In each Raid that is). At the start of this Expansion, the Engineering head looked rather nice, and im disapointed that you can't upgrade it in any way.

    Enchanting recipes, why not? It gives a bit of exclusivity back to the profession.
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    Ye I wouldn't mind some raid drop enchanting recipes since I'm actually raiding end game content now, but yeah guess they have to appeal to the masses I guess and give people (at the time) more reason to farm them dailies!

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    I think the problem is alternatives.
    There are generally no equivalents for "BiS enchants", or even for many at all.
    You can likely find dropped/bought gear similar to if not identical to many raid equipment patterns where there is simply none for enchanting.
    Exclusivity is wrong when that exclusivity is mandatory.

    I could see potential for cosmetic variants though, where the visual of the enchant varies or has a more significant visual on the proc, such as selected cases where the player form can change.

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    Unless I'm blind, there is no repair npcs in any of the raids this expansion. Engis are quite crucial with their Jeeves. Having guaranteed head-slot epic that is always up to current raid with perfect itemisation would be too good perk to have. Enchanters are already 'required' for any raid team, or else you're missing on Spirits for 522 gear.

    I don't mind no more 'exclusive' patterns, especially with current design of every item requiring daily cd and/or Spirits of Harmony. Would you be happy having BiS enchanting recipes all of which require SoHs? And having to constantly farm them for guildies so they can enchant their gear? For me, more people having tailoring patterns means if there is few pieces to craft, every tailor in guild can craft single one, instead of, for example, having me do all of them, forgoing any cloth for bags.

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