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    Help me not be bad at holy priest (please) [25m heroic]

    Hello, I've started delving into the world of holy priest for some fights and tonight I did holy on Heroic 25m Tortos, and Megaera. As well as normal Council.

    Here is my armoury: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...lvolt/advanced

    Character name: Zolvolt


    Council 25m Normal Kill: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-3b...?s=5315&e=5602

    Tortos 25m Heroic Kill: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-3b...?s=7478&e=7873

    Megaera 25m Heroic Wipe 1: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-3b...?s=9104&e=9430

    Megaera 25m Heroic Wipe 2: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-3b...s=9580&e=10140

    My HPS on Megaera is my biggest concern, its just rediculously low. On Tortos I seem to do well and on Council I'm low (lots of complaints of not having enough to heal from others on this one)

    I can do phenomenal as Discipline, but when it comes to holy I just flop. Any help is appreciated!

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    My first recommendation is to not use Halo on Megara. Outside of Tortos, I don't really like Halo in general as it costs too much mana, CD is too long and is really annoying to position well, like if you are using Halo when you are all stacked during a Rampage, its pretty much a waste. Divine Star is amazing for H Meg, since the only real healing you need to do is during Rampage when everyone is in a pile, and if you use it right at the beginning of Rampage, you can get a 2nd one off before it ends. It can end up being 10%+ of your healing on Meg if done right. I use DS for about half the fights in ToT and Cascade for the other half, although I'm sure you could use Halo well enough on some fights, if you are really attached to it, but H Meg isn't one of them, imo.

    I might also suggest reforging/switching up some gear to get the 4717 haste break point to get another tick of Lightspring/ticks on Sanc. On most fights, Echo of Light is just poured in to over healing, so I personally prefer to hit that break point, also when using Divine Insight so then PoH doesn't take 100 years to cast. Although since H Meg is so bursty in terms of healing, an argument for PI instead of DI could be made.

    I also noticed that you do some tank healing, but you never appear to shift our of Sanctuary, which seems odd. Provided people are doing their jobs right, you should shift in to Seren during non-rampage phases, as there is plenty of time to switch back and forth, and you are just gimping yourself by single target healing and nothing doing that.

    Probably other stuff, but my sick and tired brain is fried. Its a start tho.

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    Don't panic if you slip behind the other healers at Meg or any other bosses with random/tank dmg. Holy are not very great (I would say pretty weak) on the not-heavy-aoe moments and our healing sink like a rock during those periods, but if you look at the diagram you do good during the spikes, and this is Holys (only) strength.

    Remember to stance dance for Meg! Sanc as aoe hits, Serenity right after it's gone, perfect timer for that. Only tanks/debuffed and random targets will/should take dmg between aoes. (Edit, I see you already got the advice)

    Council, it's the same here really. You won't be able to keep up during tank dmg/random dmg. We simply don't have the tools for it or absorbs etc. But you do ok on the spikes, but seems you went oom at the end and that can cause a disaster when it comes to HPS?;D
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