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    plz help me to buy this game

    i can't buy this game i am from Egypt and i am want to buy this game but every time i try to buy it the wep site tell me ( The credit card information you entered was invalid. Please try again. ) i am sure that my info is right i use it every day i dont know what is this

    i asked u before guys and u told me to create a support account and tell them about that but the problem is when i try to open a ticket they ask me about my Game Account

    how i give them my Game Account if my problem is about that

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    I don't think you need a game to make an account iirc, you shouldn't need an credit card just for that. Otherwise why don't you just buy a hard copy from Amazon or eBay. Failing that there are multiple sites you can buy it from digitally, or there used to be.
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    You should be able to create an account here without having the game account

    If not try sending a twitter here, Rubi will hook you up
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