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    Titan Runestone bitching thread.

    1 this week for a total of 3 stones in 17 bosses. Personal drop rate 17%

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    Does it really matter? 5.3 is not out yet, just be glad we can start collecting them already.

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    I've gotten 2 so far, from 9 bosses. RNG is RNG.

    2 weeks ago, I got 7 Secrets of the Empire out of 12 kills. The week before I got 1.

    Just hope you aren't factoring in killing the same boss on Normal/Heroic and LFR, cause you can only potentially get 1 per boss, per week, regardless of difficulty (same as Shado-Pan rep).
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    I've gotten 5 secrets in the last 4 weeks. I wish I could bitch about runestones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylf View Post
    Does it really matter? 5.3 is not out yet, just be glad we can start collecting them already.
    Uh, yes? One would think it matters a lot considering you probably can't progress in the 5.3 quest line until you finish collecting Runestones. It's not like 5.3 is months away or anything.

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    A lot of ppl have not reached the Runestones part yet.

    But for clarification. Not every boss has a chance to drop the Titan Runestones. Only bosses After Ji'kun does if i remember correctly.

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    I have been on the quest for 4 weeks now. That means 6*4 boss kills. (each boss only counts once)

    24 kills. I have 2 stones.

    At this rate, it will take 144 kills for me to complete this quest.

    This is 12 raid weeks.

    This is 3 months of full clears.

    I will have my runestones 1-2 months into Siege of Orgrimmar.

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    12 kills, 0 drops.

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    Please keep in mind that the Titan Runestones will ONLY drop from the last 6 bosses (as in Halls of Flesh Shaping and Pinnacle of Storms). This is confirmed from wowhead.com:


    "Echoes of the Titans: Collect 12 Titan Runestones from raid bosses in the Chambers of Flesh-Shaping and the Halls of Thunder."

    So unless they change it, you should only be expecting a chance for them to drop from the last six bosses.

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    Closing this thread. There is already a multi-page thread on this (link) topic.
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