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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishblade View Post
    Stop playing or see a psychiatrist. Hating a fictional race that much is just messed up and clearly will lead to ruining people's experience ingame. Not healing assholes as punishment for their actions, sure, fine... But just cuz they're a certain race? Racism is one thing, but racism to a fictional race... Get help... Seriously... Or stop playing at all to avoid exposing yourself to blood elves...
    agreed! Agreed

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    Go alliance and gank blood elves all day.
    Thy shall be know as Mistika the Elven Slayer.

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    Fortunately my gear's gotten to the point where, either as a Blood Elf DPS or tank, I can survive practically unaided by healers in a great deal of the content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    I see no point in compelling integration. If you can't make your society sufficiently enticing to integrate willingly, then perhaps its not so superior.
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    There's nothing wrong with Islam.

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    I play the game and im not human, IM A BANANA!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitandruntactic View Post
    but then Corpsegrinder made in-game racism translate into real world hate and the basement fungus at Hordecon screamed and cheered with enthusiasm.
    1) Corpsegrinder is a complete retard 2) And even despite being a complete retard, he was joking.

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    this reminds me of an awesome 3-part machima i saw about this on youtube was quite funny.
    r.i.p. alleria. 1997-2017. blizzard ruined alleria forever. blizz assassinated alleria's character and appearance.
    i will never forgive you for this blizzard.

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    It must suck to be a blood elf tank. You might break a nail or something.
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    Just reroll alliance.

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    If you have this kind of issues... either roll Alliance or quit the game. See ya.

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    You know what I'm over? Wangsty little bigots who rage about 'prissy' blood elves because their game doesn't have enough testosterone in it. They're either ridiculing girls for playing a 'pretty' class (because that's somehow different to their masculine power fantasy by playing a muscled beast), or frantically broadcasting their heterosexuality to drown out internal fears of homosexuality by rejecting and ridiculing an ever so slightly, relatively effeminate male race model. I say relatively, because objectively, Blood Elf males are goddamned jacked, just less so than the wrestlemania levels of the other races.

    Lorewise, belves are badass and not too dissimilar to Orcs. They are a once mighty race who due to malignant leadership and bad luck ended up getting corrupted with fel energies and nursing an unwholesome addiction of sorts. For a time, they were imprisoned and persecuted by the Alliance. Now the race is trying to redeem itself in the light of a new form of magic, all the while wrestling with the sins of the past and trying to fight for a place in a world that no longer wants them. That's the story of the Orcs, and of the Belves.

    To put it differently, Belves are more 'Horde' than most Horde races. The Horde is a faction of morally grey forces with ultimately good intentions, but sometimes heavy handed tactics, due to the fact that they must fight for a place in a world that would really rather seen them gone. Orcs are very Horde, so are Forsaken, Blood Elves, and to a lesser extent Trolls. Tauren aren't very Horde at all and are only members due to a close bond formed with the Orcs in WCIII. Goblins likewise aren't very horde and generally aren't- bilgewater being horde is more or less happenstance.

    So when my fel addicted, fanatically fascistic pro-horde Belf gets ridiculed by some child compensating by playing a giant meaty horned cow paladin as 'the problem with Horde these days' my response is basically: 'Bitch please. You were probably in grade school when Belves were added to WoW. Go chew some cud, you Kal'dorei kissing sun worshipper.' Humans tried to exterminate Belfkind, the Belf hatred Night Elves goes back 10,000 years to the days of Dath'Remar. Meanwhile, Tauren never even knew about humans until a few decade ago, and have been smoking peace pipes with Night Elves for time immemorial. Hell, they still do (and for some reason that is tolerated).

    Bah. OOC Belf hate is the sign of ignorance and insecurity.

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    Im guessing this thread isnt to be taken seriously

    If this is a RP thing then why do you hate belfs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistika2489 View Post
    The name says it all... I just hate everything about blood elves. It's so bad, I refuse to heal Blood Elf tanks in raiding, which is getting to be an issue...
    I used to know a person that refused to heal Warriors because they were OP in PvP at the time.

    It's very silly outside of RP.
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    Use your aggressive feelings boy !
    Let the hate flow through you.
    Embrace the hate for the bloodelves and strike them down !

    Seriously though, I don't like those derpy elves either, just ignore them or imagine they are flowers or something.
    "Why do we fight? To protect home and family, to preserve balance and bring harmony. For my kind the true question is, what is worth fighting for?"

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    Beside the fact I can't seem to understand the hate one can have over a fictional race, (or even a real life "race", for that matter) blood elves female are like, the cutest thing since kittens. I like healing them, I don't want them to die.

    Even when playing Alliance, I always go easy on them and try to communicate rather than fight. And most of the time, it works ! :3

    We don't believe in your Horde or your Alliance. We only believe in undeath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistika2489 View Post
    The name says it all... I just hate everything about blood elves. It's so bad, I refuse to heal Blood Elf tanks in raiding, which is getting to be an issue...
    Grow up would be a good start.

    Seriously, wtf is up with this? I spent the first half of MOP being racially abused in game cause I'm a Blood Elf Monk. I mean I could deal with the Blood Elf jokes through my 8 years of WoW, but the start of MOP was horrendous.

    This racism shit in WoW is just becoming retarded. I don't like the alliance, I don't like the races. But I don't start making racial slurs on people who play them. I just kill them in pvp.
    If what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Then I should be a god by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandragon View Post
    Grow up would be a good start.
    Was going to say this >.>

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    What race do you play mr might mighty belf hater?

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    play alliance. problem solved.

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    Is your hatred more toward gay male blood elves or blood elves in general? Or is it toward woman blood elves? What do you associate with blood elves in real life?

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    Awesome thread, you racist bastard!

    Now, seriously, my rating to your trolling attempt: 0/10

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