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    Quote Originally Posted by Skinnyjeanz View Post
    I think people are too used to WoW's graphics that a relatively big change in graphics as suggested by the OP will only result in negativity from the WoW community.
    polishes to lighting, textures and magic effects are all seen with positive feedback, but yea if Blizz announced that they would bring WoW's graphics on par with crisis or fuck most game graphics off a PS3 or 360, there would be QQ and lose of subs out the wazoo. most people don't have the comps with even a mid level graphics card, so they wouldnt even be able to play it. granted I would love to see a graphics overhaul but I'll reserve that for Titan or WoW 2
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    wow's art style is quite fine thank you
    theres plenty of other games if you want to look at grey castles, grey rocks, grey armor, and grey skies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    I don't see why anyone wouldn't want better graphics, especially if you can scale it down like you can now so you can choose between current or amazing beautiful immersive graphics :S game looks similar to that now. My computer has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX video card 2GB's one of the new imacs. I get 90-98 fps all the time.

    Wow's graphics are fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadenprince View Post
    Imagine if the world of warcraft looked like this.
    Graphics don't make a game, game play does. The graphics have gotten better every expansion, so, remember that. Honestly, Blizzard has done an amazing job getting the most they can out of the engine in Mists of Pandaria. Besides, the great thing about WoW, is that it can literally run on any horrible computer. I tried running some new android emulator on my seriously old laptop (I'm talking 8 years old) and it said my drivers didn't support it. Yet, WoW does work. It's pretty crazy just what can run this game. lol.

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    Maybe in 5-10 years when the average computer can handle those graphics.

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    These images aren't that different from the in-game engine, although you may have to evoke hidden settings through the console. You can turn up ground clutter to ridiculous levels now. You can turn bloom all the way up now. The only thing you really can't do that's in these renders is change the skybox and primary light source (incl. dimming it more at night).
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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    Worth it.

    The amount they put out in Cataclysm with 9 million subs was far from special, and you would be quite paying for your sub with 200k subs if the game had prettier graphics? Takes all sorts I suppose.

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    I wasn't a fan of the first one. The second one though... I would frame that.

    I'm currently using a Vista, I get 13-15 fps on average solo questing, dropping to 0.5 in LFR. As I need to upgrade anyway, I would love this so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    Subs would drop to 200k due to most people not being able to run it
    The graphics of this game could be greatly improved and at the same time the requirements lowered, the engine wow uses is terribly inefficient now due to how much is has been modded and not completely redone like it needs to be. Also they could do what LotrO did and have two separate clients.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jadenprince View Post
    Imagine if the world of warcraft looked like this.
    Now imagine if they looked like that and you played through completely immersive VR technology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmist View Post
    WoW would look so much better without the fogging. It's just because the game engine is fairly primitive, in comparison to modern games.

    These days, you'd have all the Eastern Kingdoms in a single low detail/small texture terrain, and load/display the high detail bit just for the part where it currently fogs. That way you'd be able to see Tanaris from Hyjal. I think it would add a fair bit to the look of the game, and not impossible to do. However, the code base is 10 years old at this point. To add it would probably take enough time that they'd want to spend those man hours somewhere else. Like Titan.
    The trick with other games, especially FPSs, is that they have high control over where the player goes, hence control over what the player will see. This allows them to be economical with resource usage, they know exactly what needs to be loaded and process just those assets.

    WoW screw itself over when they added free-form flying, destroying their ability to control what the player sees.

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