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    I am pretty conservative, I dont make big purchases. However, I do spend gold on things I could easily craft or make myself. I am pretty lazy when it comes to that kind of thing. I will buy pvp blue crafted stuff even tho I can make it on another toon becuz I am too lazy to switch over and farm up mats. I have prolly lost several 100k gold doing this. I also bought a brawlers guild invite off the BMAH when I couldve waited a week or so and saved 30k gold.
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    bought 4 crimson deathchargers @ 60k each, used 1 myself, planned to re-sell the other 3, and then the server got flooded with them along with all other tcg mounts being duped and the price plummeted to 30k, held onto them into MoP, managed to sell 2 crimson deathchargers for 70k each, still trying to sell the last one.

    not really a gold loss since i did profit like 6k gold on each, but if i'd actually bought them at 30k i'd of made a proper profit for holding an item for over a year and barely making a 10% gain on it...and i guess i'm down 48k until i sell that last deathcharger.

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    Bought 2x crimson death chargers and was gonna put them up for 50 000 each and me being the person I am (Stupid fuck) put's them up for 50g each, I then go to the toilet and when I come back I see I have mail from AH so I'm sitting there super happy about them selling so fast, albeit a bit surprised, only to realize I screwed up majorly. I stayed away from the game for a week or two after that, beacuse I really suck at making money and 100k gold is ALOT for me!

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    The biggest losses I have had have come from some good 'ole gentlemen's club gambler. (For those of you who don't know it, everybody who wants to play gets in, does a /roll depending on the bid, and the lowest roll pays the highest roll the difference. For example, a 5000g roll, I roll a 4600, you roll a 3000, you pay me 1600.) Well in ICC gdkp's we were doing "gold cap rolls," 214k rolls. First one I hit it big, won like 75k. Next roll, guy rolls a 210,000-something, and I rolled a 7... A fucking 7... It was bad. That was the one I didn't come back from.

    When Cata rolled around, in a gdkp again we were doing like 500k rolls. I lost around 400k one week's run. I never worried about it much, because the week before I had won like 800k... God it is fun having gold! The best part was even in the gdkps, where most of us had a fair amount of money, going progressively up to bigger and bigger rolls. People would be like "man, that is too expensive for my taste," until eventually it was 2-3 people doing rolls! Sigh... good memories!

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    Playing a Hunter in Vanilla.

    I had fun, but I was broke constantly.
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    Nothing very exciting, a few months back I bought an old BS pattern (I collect all patterns) because I misread the tooltip and thought I didn't already have it. Spent several k on it and eventually sold it months later for a fraction of that (old patterns go for a lot to the right buyer but it's a very small market).
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    Meant to post something on the auction house for around 10,000 gold and mistakenly did so for only 1,000. But it's only virtual gold, so I just laughed it off.
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    Interesting how the AH is mentioned a lot. My fails there were also plentiful. From buying out single Items instead of Stacks for the prize of a stack to listing an Item for 200g instead 20 000g. I also used neutral AH for cross faction enrichment but some valuable items got sniped by either bots or fast reaction players as I tried to smuggle them over.

    Got scammed some times with Blizzstore Mounts aswell. Either LV1 player gives you a working code but the Mount is inexplicably gauged from your Mount colelction after a few days or LV90 Dude says something like "Gold first then you get the Mount, no really pinky promise".
    And then there are boosts like Soloing Raids/Dungeons for people or the Ring of Blood type 5 player Quests which I do but not always get paid for. Not sure what is bigger loss, sometimes giving people "free" boosts or alienating some suspicious players when asking for gold first.

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    Posting a crafted tailoring item on the AH for 1,800 instead of 18,000 and having it snapped up immediately.
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    Haha i laugh when I think of this but I bought 3 of the Easter Rabbit pets for 300g each, seeing average going price was 1000. I then learned price plummeted because Blizzard had announced Bind on Battle.Net pets. I still have those darn rabbits in my bank, even tried listing them at 20g the other day and nothing

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    Posting a Tabard of the Lightbringer for 25k instead of 250k before logging for the night.

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    raf game time 45k lost 3 months
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    Bought the Dreadnaught chest piece for 10k gold could be considered a fail considering i don't have the money to buy any other set pieces from that set.

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    Stormshroud gloves recipe.
    Forgot the NPC that dropped the recipe was removed, as well as the recipe. Listed the recipe for 150g, tabbed out and saw on wowhead the 'item not in game' and tabbed back in to see it already sold, they seem to go for about 10-15k ...
    I had some potions of illusion from powerleveling alc up recently, sold 10 for 25g each really quickly, so bought the mats for over 100 more to try and make gold (cost like 8-10g per to make on my server) and havent sold a single one.

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    Not really that bad as I made out fine but at the start of MoP I was selling bags full of ghost iron ore rather than bars which were worth a lot more than the ore, I eventually noticed and started selling bars, still made about 600k after a week and a half

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    Biggest mistake I made was making the geosynchronous world spinner had to sold it for next to nothing made no profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goremonger View Post
    Biggest mistake I made was making the geosynchronous world spinner had to sold it for next to nothing made no profit.
    Ye happened to me too. Someone sold it cheaper than Crafting Materials for 55k and then another person posted it on AH for 58k so I panicked whether some Duping is going on again so I quickly resold it for 56k. Now its on AH for 90k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    Ye happened to me too. Someone sold it cheaper than Crafting Materials for 55k and then another person posted it on AH for 58k so I panicked whether some Duping is going on again so I quickly resold it for 56k. Now its on AH for 90k.
    I'm always give in when that happens

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    Guess it would be the fact that I didn't realize how a lot of purchases on the AH could ramp up to quite a bit of gold... But it was only a few thousand, so...

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    Someone was selling dupe mounts 25k piece. I bought them (they went for 90k+ when were no dupe) Then in panic i sold them 35k-50k per. Now theyre back to 90k since Blizz apparently fixed the dupeing. Doh

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