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    Engineering Server First stole my gold... and didn't give me server first.

    In Wrath I started leveling my engineering almost right away. Buying some ore to get the cool new toys! Then I noticed some of the easy professions getting server firsts (Skinning, Mining...) Then some tailoring and blacksmiths...
    After 4 hours of not seeing engineering, and noticing I was damn close, I spent about 20k (or something like that, it was a lot at the time) on the AH buying more mats and powering to max level! I DID IT! but wait... no server first? I figured the engineering server first happened when I got food or something.

    2 days later while questing I see engineering server first... WTF?!.... I put in a ticket.

    I had transferred over 70 days prior (but not the 3 months needed to get server firsts) so ya... got screwed. Still had all the cool toys and gadgets right away. Made some money selling engineering guns.

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    16k on a brawlers guild inv. they were just out, and i was just driving prices up.
    and i won 1 inv for 16k.

    i tried it and got to rank 3. i havent tried it after rlly

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    Every time I've cancelled my subscription I've lost around 10k worth of items on AH.
    In addition to that, back in 4.3 someone sold me duped Queen's Garnets for 30k/stack, when the AH price for cut str/agi/int gems was around 2.4k. I got greedy and tried to sell them for that price even when the prices were dropping to 2k each (which would still have been a huge profit) and below. I eventually sold them for only ~1.8k each.

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    999,999k on invincible, worst mount ever.

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    I haven't ever made any huge wallet shattering mistakes. I'm a bit of a tightwad with my money and I'm always suspicious of high or low prices.

    Maybe overpayed for darkmoon trinkets upon release but that was pretty much what everyone who wanted an edge in raiding did.
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    Thought I quit WoW for good, so I gave my GM 60k plus as a parting gift for his effort and leadership. Re-subbedd six months later, wanted that 60k back real bad.

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    Bought magic rooster for 500k gold and it went down to 200k in a few months afterwards..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    Hellow Everybody.

    Often times the Professions Forum is used to debate about how to get wealthy with an abundance of gold and the people here seem to make no secrets about how much gold they have amassed.
    But what about gold losses? Why don't you write here about your biggest fails that lost you gold.

    For me it were two cases amongst other things. Once I found a nice Guild and switched servers for them and converted my Gold into valuable Trade Goods like Crafted Gear and Mounts in order to get below the 50k Gold Tranfer Cap only to discover that they were not quiet as valuable on the new server.
    The other big fail of mine was prying at the Pandaland Expansion Itemlevels and noticing that all Items other than HC Gear were under ilvl500 so I amassed Ebonsteel Belt Buckles with the hope for profit but they were ninja nerfed during launch week to only work on Items with ilvl372 or less, and hence became nigh worth less.

    Now is your turn: how did you fail and lose many Golds? Share your disappointment(s) with us.
    Millions of gold in GCG. Heck, 1m alone to my guild leader in losses in a single night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FyreRT View Post
    999,999k on invincible, worst mount ever.
    How did you store 1000 times the gold cap?
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    not a big amount, I was trying to get my gold up and play the gold game the last month of cata and into mop. mop hits, I hit 90 in like 2 days, I'm one of the first on my server to make a panther mount. I try to sell at 50k (most servers at the start of mop were at 50k-100k for these mounts), instantly someone undercuts me to 25k. they sell theirs quickly, but not quick enough and it left people thinking 25k was the ok price. I wound up selling it for 28k, 3k profit as it cost me 25k to make. I made another because mats were a bit cheaper by this point, I couldn't sell it. nada zilch cero. so I learned the sunstone panther.

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    Back in Cata like third week FL was out I found one of the LW patterns on the AH for 8k or so (they'd usually be posted at 12k-20k) so I thought "Hey, I can make 3k on that". Bought it, reposted... and reposted... and reposted... Finally sold for 4k >_<
    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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    I bought a second Brawler's Guild invite because I didn't realize it was account wide. Thats been my only blunder.

    Also, someone, somewhere, sold a Jewelcrafting mount for 3 thousand gold on Kel'Thuzad.
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    My biggest fail spending 140k on Brawelrs Guild inv when it was first launched even tho I could have get it for 10k-20k the very next day, on other hand can't say I'm not enyoying the brawlers guild rank 10 now plus so cards challenges beaten. And also loosing 140k g put me below 1 mil and couple days later Invincible was on AH and I lost it due to other guy borrowing gold to bid gold cap on it. I pushed up to 900k g didn't had any gold left and other guy beat me to it.

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    When I was saving up in Wotlk for the travelers tundra mammoth, mind you the most i ever had prior at any given time was maybe 5k gold for epic flying during BC. So I finally saved up the 16k and then thought, hey, why not go see what that white mammoth looked like from the sons of hodir! So I went to the quartermaster, clicked the mount and bought it. I got an achievement. Then I tried selling it back. Didn't let me. Turns out blizz cant refund a mount purchase or any purchase if it also awards an achievement since regular GMs cant remove achievements (so the GM told me at least). I wasted 8k on what was essentially a misclick. Not a HUGE deal, I had a shit ton of herbs in my bank alts guild bank so I made the 8k back fairly fast. But still, I blew 8k g for no reason.

    Those were the days!

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    Sold my haunting spirit for 4kish on the day lfr tot came out, they then jumped to nearly 20k each, doh. still I guess its not money lost per se...

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    On the other side of this thread lts hear ah wins in 4.3 got a 365 crafted weapon for 1150 instead of 11500 and the other day got the world spinner mount for 70g

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simple057 View Post
    On the other side of this thread lts hear ah wins in 4.3 got a 365 crafted weapon for 1150 instead of 11500 and the other day got the world spinner mount for 70g
    OMG. Whoever posted the World Spinner Mount was probably looking to post it for around 70,000G. But fair game. Did you re sell it?

    Its happened a couple of times to me as well. I listed mine earlier with the mechano bike. Often times, I don't really know why, but I find myself in a hurry when listing epics and valuables on the AH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    I feel for you Ethes and recommend making a "Bank Alt" and form a new Guild for Character GMs who plan to be absent, maybe give random People 200g each for signing Guild charter. There you can be foreveralone and no one will take over your Gold.
    The whole idea was to take a break from wow, come back and continue with my guild. Which was for 99% inactive anyway, just had some random alts in there from people who used to raid with me back at the previous realm.

    If I'd known this feature would be implemented, I could've kicked everybody out though..
    Quote Originally Posted by Warbringer O'Mrogg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleaving View Post
    Millions of gold in GCG. Heck, 1m alone to my guild leader in losses in a single night.
    What means GCG? Anyways I feel for your "Millions of gold" loss as I know how much effort it is to make millions.

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    Lost about 200k when I did a server transfer during Cata. I had bought stacks of greater celestial essences and when I went to post them on my new server for some reason rather than posting price per I entered it for price per stack. So rather than selling stacks of 10 for 750g I sold them all for 75g lol.
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