I recently ditched 600 herb/alc to level up BS/Tailoring, which I figured to be the best combo for a Holy/Ret paladin without sacrificing too much. Problem is, BS is a pain and I don't plan on keeping mining after I hit 600 BS.

Is a combo of herbalism (for Lifeblood on CD) and Tailoring (Spellthread/Swordguard) an okay combo for a Holy/Ret? I know Herbalism is the only "good" gathering prof for any spec due to Lifeblood, and Tailoring is great for Ret and good for Holy.

I just figured this combo would at least allow me to make stuff at max level outside of the bonuses, unlike BS which essentially needs Mining (and to a lesser extent, Alchemy) I have no intention of keeping Mining (as I would replace it with Tailoring)

Also, I don't do heroic raiding so while I'd enjoy to get benefits out of my professions, I don't want to dedicate too much effort to min/maxing an extra 200 points into a primary stat when I already have above 16,000 of it.