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    Gearing up for 5.2, easier way?

    Hi guys, I have just recently started playing wow again after a one year hiatus and WoW for me has been all about raiding. I would like some tips on how I could get my ivl up as high as possible in order to get to the new 5.2 raids. So far, it seems that the only way to get 496 gear is to do isle of the thunder rep farming and daily quests, which are boring the hell out of me.

    Do you guys have any idea how I could skip the rep farming part and get to the required ivl for raiding 5.2?
    I've bought most of my current gear off the AH and my current ivl is 462 (mostly pvp gear and boe 476s, and a few 496s)
    Money is not an issue, time is.
    Thanks for reading guys cheers, sorry if this is not the appropriate section !

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    If money isn't an issue, there's 2 pieces of equipments that are 522 and with excelent stats, but it requires a substantial quantity of money.
    Also, try the BMAH once in a while.

    Boots and Hood 522.
    Chest 496.

    Oondasta/Nalak are an option too, be sure to shot a coin on them.
    LFR for the rest if you are not willing to rep grind.

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    JP converted to Honor can buy you 476s. Remember to get the Sha of Anger quest Boots (476), and to get Elder Charms of Good Fortune from the Isle of Thunder (between the Scenario, the Trove and the Incantation, you can max out on 20+ charms every week). This will let you coin everything in the T14 LFRs, more than once if you want to run them multiple times.

    Finally, in your 2nd week after getting to 90 you'll be able to pick up a 522 Neck from the Valor vendor on the Isle. If this brings you to >480, great. Buy it, equip it/leave it in your bags, then refund it after the wing is completed.

    Make sure you do enough dailies to get the Mogu Charms and then try and find groups to kill/coin every world boss (for 496s and 522s).
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    Its very doable to get 480 and get into tot LFR in a few days. And there is not any real need to run heroics
    0. Start the legendary quest chain.
    1. First buy all ilvl 450 pvp gear. It is very cheap. If you have some gold buy 496 Imperial Silk Gloves and Robe of Eternal Rulem they should not be to expensive. If you have very much gold buy the two 522 tailoring pieces.
    2. Go to isle of thunder and kill a rare for the key. Run the chest scenario for 10+ Elder Charm of Good Fortune. You can also farm Incantations, chests and extra scenario key for even mor Elder Charms.
    3. Do 25 Dailies for 50 lesser charms and convert them to 3 mogu coins.
    4. Kill all world bosses, roll on all of them. Especially Oondasta can drop and coin 522 gear. Only roll on Nalak if you dont plan to run ToT normal for a while, because you dont want to waste a Mogu Coin for pretty bad gear on Nalak.
    5. Start running LFR. Roll on everything you can get loot from in MSV, HoF and TOT.
    6. Now you want to get to 480 ilvl, if you cant you can replace your worst piece of gear with any cheap VP piece you can find.You only need it in you inventory. Use the item to get into ToT LFR. You can sell back and buy this item to the vendor indefinently just to push itemlevel. You dont want to keep this item, just use it to push your itemlevel. You can also buy 476 trinkets to push your ilvl higher also you can do arena with a friend and get decent PVP gear.
    7. Run all ToT LFR and hope for loot, and also importantly you will get rep.
    8. Week two you can get enough VP (1750 VP) and you have enough rep for Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault, which is a great trinket to start with.
    9. Keep running ToT LFR and you can also run normal(or heroic if you are good and have good friends) T14 raids. Roll on every thing.
    10. Keep capping VP each week and buy 522 gear for it.

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    It seems obvious to some, but not-so-obvious to others, so let me say it:

    You can use coins on bosses in LFR *any number of times each week*. It does not work like that on world bosses, only in LFR. But you CAN spend MULTIPLE COINS on the SAME BOSS if you just queue once more and KILL IT AGAIN.

    I'm always surprised by how many people don't know this. This is the single most important tactic to gearing yourself quickly up to a decent level. Make a plan for ToES/HoF LFR and know exactly which bosses you need. Don't waste coins on bosses that don't drop stuff you want in your "pre-raid BiS".

    Also, get to exalted with Klaxxi and Golden Lotus - this is easy to do if you start with the 100% bonus (because you're an alt, or have an old char with revered). Their exalted quest rewards are 489 ilvl ring/neck. You can also farm Zandalari Warscouts for +1000 Rep insignias.

    Get the 496 crafted items. Buy Blood Spirits + other mats, and you can get them ridiculously cheap; like 1-2k cheap. That is nothing, you should have more than enough from leveling alone. The 522 crafted ones are expensive, but gold is easy to make; if you have the money, go for it!

    Get a Darkmoon Card - nearly every class/spec can make good use of it. Yes they are only 476, but they cost like 2k and you will be hard pressed to find a better trinket soon. The healer one in particular is very good! Note: you can only ever equip ONE AT A TIME - but in terms of available ilvl, multiples in your bags DO work. You can buy two, equip one and have the other lying around, unbound, just to boost your ilvl for LFR; once you have enough without it, simply put it back up on the AH for little to no loss, and perhaps even a little profit. Same goes for other gear, too, by the way (like PvP crafted pieces): you DO NOT HAVE TO EQUIP IT. You can leave the gear in your bag unbound until you have enough from LFR, then sell them again.

    And lastly: get into PUGs. On my server at least there are a lot of PUGs forming constantly. 480 will get you into MSV, and often HoF/ToES as well (though most ask for 490). Most PUGs clear these instances easily, and you can spend some coins on juicy items. ToT PUGs are harder to get into; I recommend trying for "x/10 guild run" groups, as ToT is a known killer of guilds and many struggle to keep a full roster. If you're a tank or healer, people will line up for you!

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    Key is 476 honor gear. Most efficient way of farming honor, apart from botting, at the moment is chaining dungeons and converting justice to honor.

    Resilience is not in the item budget anymore. Ignoring less sockets, weapons which are only 470 and trinkets which are just awkward, honor gear is fully functional and viable in PvE, at least until you get decent gear.

    Don't waste coins on MSV (476), use them in HoF and terrace (483).

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    Kill an isle of thunder rare for a trove key - cap your charms.
    Chain run dungeons and scenarios (you can queue for both and do scenarios until your dungeon queue pops) - convert JP to honor, buy pvp gear while getting the odd dungeon / scenario drop.
    Get into MV LFR, spam tokens.
    Get into HOF / Terrace LFR - spam tokens again.

    Should be easy enough to get into TOT LFR in 1-2 weeks max, quicker with crafted items or if your realm regularly kills rare bosses.

    Don't waste coins on MSV (476), use them in HoF and terrace (483).
    Considering you can cap charms in 1 trove run, it's not that big a deal, the only reason NOT to use charms in MV is if you're already at the ilevel to get into HOF+ and you're masochistic enough to run HOF / Terrace multiple times (since you can use tokens on bosses you've already killed).

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    Thanks guys, I followed most of your tips and have since reached a 481 ivl in a span of two days. Have yet to grab my 522 necklace, have to wait till next week. Did most of it without much rep grinding which is good! I did so by doing LFR (elder charm rolls), justice farm to honour gear, and a few buy outs form the AH. Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeerk009 View Post
    Thanks guys, I followed most of your tips and have since reached a 481 ivl in a span of two days. Have yet to grab my 522 necklace, have to wait till next week. Did most of it without much rep grinding which is good! I did so by doing LFR (elder charm rolls), justice farm to honour gear, and a few buy outs form the AH. Cheers
    Get the 522 trinket first. It will do much more for your DPS.
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    There will be some additional gearing options for you in 5.3 as well. Check out the front page. For example, heroic scenarios offer ilevel 516 gear. And Pet Battles to give you lesser charms for an extra roll in the ToT LFR

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    Now with 5.3 it's even easier, you should pick up the quest for heroic scenario (if you didn't already) and make sure you do a heroic scenario every day for a chance at 516 gear .... but the most important thing to do every week for you still is to get your Key to the Palace of Lei Shen.

    You get one by either killing a rare on the Isle of Thunder (usually from the first rare you kill), or looting a treasure chest. Sometimes they drop from just regular mob guys. Use the key at the Shado Pan Fallout to do the scenario and stack up Elder Charms.

    Really on top of this you should do 25 dailies to get 50 lesser charms that you can turn in for 3 Mogu Rune of Fate (bonus roll for 5.2 bosses).

    Then kill all 4 world bosses and use bonus rolls on all of them.

    Then do 5.1 content LFR's (MSV, HoF, Terrace) and use bonus rolls on all of them that have good upgrades for you.

    Just doing that one week should get you to 480, so that you can start doing ToT lfr's.

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