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    I want Burning Embers and Demonic Fury to disappear like bad dreams

    shards are " ok " I guess, eh, wouldn't miss em

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    I believe Affliction needs a good AoE instant AoE like the other two specs, at least in dungeons and with some raid comps I don't get to do AoE because the adds die so fast.

    Having a 'Void Zone' type of spell (like the one Kanrethad has) would be amazing, they could give it a slow as well for Affliction. (I miss Shadowflame with that spec, I think it needs something similar to that)

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    I would like to see a Warlock flying mount (some kind of demon or even a witch broom), Female metamorphosis and maybe more minion customization and updated minion models ONLY if they leave the current demons' designs alone and just add more options and update the graphics without changing the demons' designs. (I love the way the succubus looks now though)

    Less cosmetic change I'd like to see: Fourth spec for warlocks called "Demon Hunter", a melee-ish tanking spec, they pour all of the transformation spells from Demonology into Demon Hunter, and they make Demonology focused on improving their minions again like they used to be.
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    Have RoF targetable on a player that way you can just cast it on the tank and have proper AoE/Cinder Farming done.

    4th Spec for Demon Tank. It's so much fun to tank in demon form, just let us have it!

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    want the cata rotation insanity back but will love the ROF placing as well, im the type of person that loves hectic things, personally love the ember system, just needs more oomph, like the feeling of charging up to wreck havoc and destruction, that or im thinking of going all dragonball Z on things

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    1. a new dungeon difficulty that reward gear of similar ilvl as lfr (to give players an alternate progression path to normal mode raiding) this difficulty whould be similar in difficulty to current challengemode (its a more convenient way to gear then lfr so it stands to reason that it should be harder then lfr).

    2. a solo que option to scenarios, it completly changes the experience, from "boosting 2 randoms throu some undertuned content" to "enjoying properly tuned content with an intresting story".
    Further more id like the scenarios to pop up while you are leveling at the place they are located (for instance id enjoy doing the festival scenario in kunlai when i actually was there lvling, not later at lvl 90 when the entire place had next to none relevance to me).

    3. whenever a new teir is realeased, the ilvl of lfr content will only reward gear of similar power to previous teirs normal mode, so heroic raiders wont feel compelled to do lfr beacuse they can get 8ilvls upgrade in one slot where they didnt have hc item from last teir.

    4. Make factions rewards a bonus and not something required. vp gear can be availible to any1, and factions instead reward a lfr-ilvl item from honored and revered and a normalilvl item from exalted (like klaxxi/golden lotus did in t14).

    5. Id also like the attunement to heroic raids removed, i see no reason why heroic hardcore raides should be forced to spend the first week doing normalmodes (which is not only easier but also tuned for players with less gear then they currently have) when they could just start with heroic mode directly. (I dont raid hardcore now but i remember when i did last expansion this annoyed me as hell, i hated to spoil the content of the entire teir on the first day)

    6. Harder lfr raids. Yes you read it right! With this new mechanic boosting ppls stats after every whipe, there is never any danger of a grp not being able to finish the instance. So why not use this and force players to actaully LEARN a harder encounter. I know we were all angry the first week leishen was open on lfr, but if you do pinnacle of storms lfr nowdays, everything gets oneshotted. Ppl have learned the encounter of leishen, i dont see why the couldnt learn other encounters aswell.
    This is what is so great about the wipe mechanic in lfr! The difficulty of the content can be rased without risking to scare ppl off! The huge gap between lfr and normal will not need to be so high anymore and this more then anything else will help more ppl to get into normal-progression-guilds.

    7. A NEW PLACE! wether its a new continent on azeroth or a new planet like outlands. A new place is always more intresting to explore then a remade old place, lets not repeat that misstake that was cataclysm plx

    and lastly something on my wishlist. a 4th spec!
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    Aphrel, altough your response is quite thought through. i think the topic is meant for " what do WARLOCKS want for the next expansion" :P hence the Warlock section ^^

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    - Meta Flight Form
    - old shadowflame cone back, at least for affli and destro (i was a sucker for it, totally fell in love with it)
    - improving affliction dots in pvp to make affli like it used to be
    - pit lord in any away

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    More robust and in-depth character customization interface. F2P and other sub based MMO's (old and new) have customization interfaces that are more immersive than WoW. Hate running around with an avatar that looks like 99% of other people's avatars. Character customization is a huge part of RPG's anyways. Sad that Blizz focused more on content than the basics.

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    I think we need to edit the topic. People are bad at checking which Class Forum they post in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varulv View Post
    *I* want fourth spec, and warlocks getting blood magic, healing while dealing dmg kind of thing. Then I want the new models to actually be awesome and not a mere refurbishing, with new shiny animations etc. last but not least, I want to see their answer to low-pop servers, and I want it to be good & final.

    edit: oh, and female demon form for locks.
    edit2: what we want as locks, damn, should l2read topic title before posting, anyway - some wishes up there for my lock, so... ^^

    To be fair, they did say they wanted to add genders to our demons, so I'll go ahead and ask: I want a female VW!
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    I want people to be able to just click on me to summon people. I hate having to put down stones every 5 seconds

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    I'd like RoF to change to HoG style and maybe last a bit longer. It would be interesting if it was added to targets you directly Immolate (i.e. not by FnB) or perhaps a buff to FnB where your crits from FnB have a chance to proc RoF on the crit target..

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    I really think that locks are by far the most fun and complete class. Three very strong and different specs to play with three different resource systems, the usual super cool utility spells etc. I don't think that any other class is so complete and interesting. So, I think the room for improvements is really small. Also consider that MoP was locks' expansion regarding revamping. Do not expect much since other classes might have priority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xandy View Post
    I'd like RoF to change to HoG style and maybe last a bit longer. It would be interesting if it was added to targets you directly Immolate (i.e. not by FnB) or perhaps a buff to FnB where your crits from FnB have a chance to proc RoF on the crit target..

    No more "Chance to X" please. It's not that I don't like reacting to procs and what-not, but it's plenty with meta and 2 RPPM trinkets in terms of completely random results in damage output.

    If I were to die of RNG, I'd want to see Incinerate having a 7.31% chance of proccing an instant Chaos Bolt, which in turn had a 5% chance of proccing a Pit Lord, whose melee swings have a 20% of spawning a Wild Imp. The Wild Imp's firebolt should have a 2% chance to give you a free Shadow Burn regardless of target HP and a 50% chance of yielding an emberbit. To top it off Rain of Fire ticks should have a 5% chance to refresh its duration.
    Add legendary meta, 2x RPPM trinkets, personal dps cooldowns and boss mechanics and you've got a proper lottery going!! Still not as random as Primordius <3

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    A few things, im a fan of losing Dps to gain on demand damage and i feel destruction has a huge amount of potential within its current toolkit for this kind of gameplay.

    My wishlist for 6.0 Destruction would be this.

    Kjc removed.

    Mannoroth's fury passive.

    Incinerate castable while moving.

    More ember generation on Immolate.

    Rain of Fire no longer a single target dps increase.

    Fire and Brimstone only interacting with Immolate and Conflag.

    Havoc working on single target with a 50% damage penalty for using Ember consuming spells.

    This would be my ideal for Destruction as i feel it would reward good play and planning ahead.
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    what i'd like to see happen next expansion is a 4th spec for warlocks(for all classes actually) and for it to be a demon hunter spec. that would be awesome...well at least in my opinion.

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    Demo getting Immolate back

    Ray of Twilight to spread Corruption and Immolate to nearby adds at 6 seconds per Ray (Doom might be too OP)

    Destro getting a second Dot

    15 second in combat shard regeneration for Affliction

    The return of Demon Armor and Warlocks can pick between Demon and Fel.

    Female Demon Form

    Green Felsteed/Dreadsteed with Codex of Xelrath


    Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul getting green tint with Codex of Xelrath

    Bloodlust/Heroism would be cool. Call it "Gul'Dan's Fury" or something Warlocky.

    Minor Glyph that changes the color of our demons to red

    Glyph of Succubus that allows 1Handed Swords/Maces/Axes to be used as transmog similar to Glyph of Felguard. The Shivarra will duplicate the weapon for all 6 arms

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    A way for affliction to instantly apply all dots to every target in an AOE situation. They could balance this by making all dots do significantly less damage when applied as an AOE (but it should still be a substantial amount of burst AOE damage)

    Bring back old nightfall that proc instant shadowbolts and remove malefic grasp as another channel is terribly boring. Maybe make drain soul the default filler.

    Destruction: Remove ROF as a single target DPS tool. It's terrible design and annoying. Add some kind of Ultimate Power ability that fit with Destruction. Maybe something like were we channel destructive chaos energy for a few seconds until we become a consumed by pure destructive chaos energy where none of our abilities consume embers for a short period and give some kind of cool secondary effect. Imagine a bad ass demonic visual effect and a demonic voice saying ULTIMATE POWER while we are charging the skill up then BOOM AWESOME DAMAGE.

    Demonology: Different types of demonic forms and a demonic flight form. Maybe an even more bad-ass demonic final ability where we summon a menagerie of terrible creatures from beyond the abyss to assist us in destroying our foes. Maybe call it: Demonic Rift. You open up a rift to the twisting nether and summon forth a menagerie of terrible creatures to sow chaos and confusion.

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    Indeed, ever since BLizzard re-stated that warlocks are a 'pet class' a little while ago, they should give us way more options/ utility pet wise...
    Tameable demons, glyphs that change appearance, custumizeable armor/weapons, a demon stampede, anything...
    Right now it's just "there", requirin no interaction and it's just boring...

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