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    Double Escape bind?

    Hi! o/

    Any way to bind the escape-key to a cancelaura macro I've made while prevailing the usual 'Open Game Menu' use?

    Thanks in advance.

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    No. Besides, why would you need such a thing?

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    Guess this would work? If you don't intend to stopcast while out of combat or want the game menu while in combat :P

    /stopmacro [combat]
    /script ToggleGameMenu()
    /click StaticPopup1Button1

    Only problem with the script command is that it triggers a warning saying "A macro script has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI", though it still brings up the game menu. And so, I added the click command that clicks away this popup so you never see it.

    If it was me, I think I would bind either Game menu or stopcasting to a separate button on something else than Escape.
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