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    Do you think blizzard will push content even faster after this xpac?

    As the title says, Blizzard said in the Q1 is that peps consume content faster.
    Now i know they are already pushing content fast but do you guys think they will push it even faster in the next xpac?

    As far as i know mop has had the best amount of content of any xpac and knowing that even if the raid design/dev team put their all in a new raid and still loseing subs has to hurt a bit for them...

    I'm myself is a bit paranoid of a new dragon soul raid to come out in the next xpac if they puch raids to fast...
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    I think rather with their "casuals are less engaged" comment that they are going to try and release much less content so casuals can keep up with it all.

    It's probably also the smartest thing to do with a franchise in which they are inevitably losing and leaking subscribers. Having to push out less content to please the majority of their playerbase (casuals) is only more profitable for them.

    So expect much less content and much more time to catch up between patches.
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    Yeah i guess your right..
    I think blizzard just have to make a 2 parter xpac about sargeras and the titans. Get as many heavy lore nerds, old school peps back as they can cuase who don't want to end the game they played since the start.. After those xpacs wow will prob start leaking again and will sooner or later go free to play... My 2 cents but yeah i would do something like that just to gather all wow players up get as much money as posible and go free to play.
    Don't think players will care about a new lore xpac after this one, we want to see the end of the book...
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