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    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    jeez, don't take your anger out on me... I'm sorry your game isn't as good as you like to believe it is... just because you're mad doesn't mean you have to show hostility towards me.
    Nice way to avoid the question. Guess you don't have an answer.
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    8.3 million for a game which is nearly a decade old is mind-boggling really. Subs will drop, there's only so long people can enjoy what is fundamentally the same game. I kind of hope subs continue to shrink so there's greater incentive to merge all the low-pop and badly balanced servers into more robust, dynamic populations. I think WoW has reached a point where the size of the player base is doing more harm than good to the game.

    If we can see it drop to ~7 million or so that could be for the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    Even though you don't provide any info or sources... I'm inclined to believe you, only because I know something. I know that the original dev team of WoW that created both vanilla/TBC and partial wotlk... were moved to Titan so they could make it. Since TBC was known for its hardcore ideology... I can only assume the dev team will stick with their methods and make Titan a real challenging MMO.
    I didnt link them here, it was in another thread. Why would they make another Mmo like wow when they have wow? And i linked many sources and some well known facts such as the Dev team and their interviews. There would be no business sense in making another wow. The idea is to make Titan really challenging and make it a E-sport players will respect and put in their tournaments while leaving wow for the players wanting less of a challenge. I am writing a essay for college but i will gladly start a thread later linking all of the info that i have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by absurdgamertag View Post
    Replay value was high as hell when WoW was a friendly game to level alts. I assume some subs lost are because of that. Honestly, you know something is wrong when you have to tweet daily why your game is fun and why your playerbase is wrong when they say dailies suck. We're the ones who play and the ones who decide to pay, I hope this reminds Blizzard that FUN for the developers is not the same as FUN for the players.
    Altalysm er I mean Cataclysm was a reason for a lot of people going fuck this. granted I will say the amount of dallies you had to do to get gear this Expac was awful, it's better then what was handed out to people at the tail ends of Warth and even MORE so in Cata, i literally had 8 toons that were geared enough to run regular DS. Dallies are not the way to go, but unless they come up with a new way to take up peoples time they aren't going to go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post

    World of Warcraft is Dead....

    Hopefully we'll see some nice changes because of this.
    Making pvp less frustrating is high on my wish list and a tinker class.

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    It's almost like this game is 8.5 years old.

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    until the game drops below 100k subs i doubt it will stop being produced

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    what have we learned about opening threads about sub losses? opinions are like....oh wait am i aloud to say that? well, everyone has one. even the people who quit WoW but can't seem to leave the forums when this kind of stuff pops up. 8.3m is still a huge number. anyone who says otherwise is just trolling. look at the facts, the game has been around for years, and has had MILLIONS of subs for most of those years. WoW is far from dead.

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    oh boy, better run and hide before the "WOW IS DYING!!!! I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!" threads start poppin' up everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    does anyone else want to admit that MoP was a good expansion or throw out their illogical opinion that we'll look back and say MoP was great... that person, whoever you are... you are wrong. WoW is nothing like it used to be and people are finally realizing that. I'm glad, I really am... no one deserves to make money off of a game when it was amazing and then turned to crap and made into a cash cow. Lets wait for Q2... maybe subs will be under 5 million.
    Going by your logic, D3 was the absolutely best game on the PC in 2012.
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    If you think this game is "improving" you are completely delusional
    Compared to Cataclysm, it's much better.

    Compared to Wrath, less so. I know lots of people will disagree, but I am prefering MOP to TBC. Seriously, I'm not even sure what I did during TBC, I didn't raid. Did a few BGs and dungeons a week (when I could find a tank which wasn't always possible), and the sunwell dailies.

    Which isn't all that different to my experience now, only I managed to find a fairly laid back once-a-week raid group in WOTLK and have stuck with them ever since.

    For me, WOTLK was the peak, but I really don't think MOP is that far behind. The biggest criticsm I have of the game is that after so many years it is all getting a bit... samey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galrauch View Post
    If you think this game is "improving" you are completely delusional
    exactly this. pretty sure there might be 1 or 2 people out of that 1.3 MILLION! ( haha yes!) that feel this way. they will get the picture sooner or later honestly i hope its too late.
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    Quote Originally Posted by isadorr View Post
    Whats even worse is the bads saying it is still too hard so blizzard nerfs it more. They dont want a challenge or to get better they just want the false reality of downing bosses without having to see just how bad they really are.
    if you want tough stuff you better start looking somewhere else other than MMOs (they are like the worst place to look for "challenging content", the only decent thing being PvP but even blizzard says its not 1v1 balanced so once again you depend on "others")

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raediance View Post
    Im enjoying MoP WAY more than cata. I can always find something to do. Thats still a lot of people.
    That's like saying "I'm enjoying this non air-conditioned cross-country road trip with my family more than that drug-free root canal." I haven't logged in to WoW in quite some time and every time I do I spend about 10 minutes getting into something and then just can't sit there and wait for my queue to pop for LFR so I can get a pittance of gold again. I just stopped having fun and even things I did regularly for fun just stopped being fun. I can't log in to an alt without stopping after about 3 quests because I start adding up all the crap I have to do with that character once 90 JUST to be close to where my main is (and the big killer is Golden Lotus and Shado-Pan rep for enchants.) Cataclysm sucked, hard, but MoP was a swing way too far in the other direction but way more of a grind.
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    Man, i unsubscribed couple of days ago... i was getting tired of my server, friends diminishing, and how raiding has been. Don't get me wrong though ToT is one of the best raids ever in WoW, but heroic mode content for me is too grindy for me to enjoy now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MysticalOS View Post
    the game is improving. the problem is, it's STILL wow. despite frequent content updates. some of best raids ever. tons and tons of content, it's STILL wow. for example, i've been around many years. i know the raids and content is good, but i'd still rather play something fresher. ya know? Everquest is better than it's ever been, is it number 1? no. things get old. WoW will jump each new expansion, then bleed out from monotony that is still wow. It's still an old cat no matter how many new tricks it learns. Put it next to a kitten and you can't compete, unless that kitten scratches you and claws up your furniture that is (ie the game is an utter disaster)
    The reason people keep returning to wow is the plain ole fact, no one has done better yet, plain and simple. Until someone does, wow will be king. however, it's going to stay in an endless cycle of "new expansion, lets see if i can feel it this time". followed by "yeah i still don't feel it, bye bye"

    this is not me saying wow is bad at all. it's greatest it's ever been. it's great for new users. but all us vets, which are still a large sum of people, monotony
    No, it's not "still WoW". It's a lobby game. The roleplaying, adventure, and immersion aspects have basically been killed, along with a great deal of the player's freedom in how to approach the game.

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    5.3 in May according to the call. Honestly, who cares how many people from China/Korea quit the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaeed Massani View Post
    Going by your logic, D3 was the absolutely best game on the PC in 2012.
    By my logic D3 was the best??? what? I said blizzard doesn't deserve to make money off of amazing games that they turn to crap... D1, D2 were amazing... D3, sucked. They abused their record... they knew people would buy D3 regardless of what people said beforehand.
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    Of course the subs are declining. More and more morons are leaving the game. They're just not leaving the forums, for whatever reason.

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    Maybe when WoW is down to 1-2 million subs Blizzard can finally stop with the "must please all" attitude and develop WoW in the way that made it great once more. Rewarding every little action, caps, and queues weren't what made it great.

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