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  • I stick to my main through bad times

    40 65.57%
  • I stick to my main, but stop PVP/quit game while I am underpowered

    7 11.48%
  • I reroll to a better class

    14 22.95%
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    im a warrr through and through...u know when hes going through a bad patch cos i swear a lot and the neighbours sometimes complain.

    It normally starts off with...u 'f***g mage/hunter (delete as appropiate) why cant i get anywhere near motherf***er*.

    I tend to only do BG's nowadays and live for that moment that a healer decides to follow me and bash the dispel button - then I wreck most classes.

    Coincidently I do agree that warrs suck just a average player (happy to admit) but think there is a stark differnce between this and the last patch. Fingers crossed for next patch

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    I must admit that I didn't play that much rogue in 5.0. I was having fun as a spriest, but I didn't abandon my rogue completely either. With the 5.3 nerfs to rogue, I'll probably still stick with it as
    I love rogues
    I hate lvling and my only other 90 is that spriest
    I can't really play anything but rogue, and I'm not cata reckful or whatever either (kinda sad, all the time devoted to this game and pvp)

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    I used to, and i would now but no way in hell i'm going to without heirlooms, it's way too painful

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