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    [A25] : 9/13H (16/16H last tier) LF Mage/Lock - 4 night - Sacrifice/Mannoroth

    Greetings from Sacrifice! We're now looking for a mage, warlock, and other exceptional dps to round out our raiding roster for ToT and beyond!

    Sacrifice has a long-running tradition of excellence, stability, and competence - we finished US #54 for T14 (16/16H) and are currently 7/13H in T15 on a light, sane schedule for reasonable adults. We're committed to large format (25m) raiding, and enjoy the challenges and opportunities that aren't present in 10m.

    Things that we offer to you:
    - 4 night, T/W/Th/M. 8-11:30 US CST.
    - Chicago datacenter. Ping is good to both coasts.
    - Stable leadership and membership, dating back across multiple games for a decade.
    - A generally pleasant, mature raid environment with reasonable bench. This isn't a meatgrinder with a 45+ person raiding roster.
    - A raiding guild that understands that, as much as possible, it's bring the player. Fights do require stacking but we don't hate melee or bring 14 prot pallies to every raid.

    What we expect:
    - Competent, punctual, high attendance raiders who have done the basics of research for a fight and are aware of what they can contribute to the raid's success.
    - People who want to do well on a very limited schedule. We raid when we say, and respect your schedule - all we ask in return is you respect ours.

    We're currently recruiting exceptional RDPS and healers, along with other exceptional players. If you've had a history of doing well in the game, but have just returned after a break, let's talk - you know as well as we do that good raiding habits don't die and the rest is secondary. Exceptional isn't just about gear or parses (and don't get me wrong, those help a ton), but about the other things an individual brings to the raid.

    If you'd like to read more about Sacrifice check out our website at http://www.sacrificeguild.org or speak with any of the individuals listed below.

    Thezdin - Thezdin#1647
    Friednug/Altershaman - Friednug#1183
    Fnfal - Fnfal#1468
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    Up for the coming raid week, find a new home!

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    Up, contact me in game for infos

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    Still looking for people, working on 8/13H.

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    Looking for a guild before 5.3? Ask me in game how I can help expedite your app!

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    Pre-patch Monday, find a home!

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    5.3 is here, servers are down, find a new guild today anyway!

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    Still rolling, still killing stuff.

    Get on board!

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    10/13H now, closing in on the end of the tier. Join us now, while there's still new stuff to kill!

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    New raid week, now also looking for a holy paladin with experience.

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    11/13H, looking for a holy and/or prot pally, dps dk, and mage

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    Still looking, talk to me in game!

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