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    I'd like to see a Hunter without at least 1 BM-only pet with them always. Without Glyph of Stampede, it would just summon all but that BM specific pet. Therefore Glyph is a must. Also I carry a turtle that is tenacity specced and has Growl on if I want to go soloing old stuff.
    I don't have a single exotic pet with me and I just remember to leave all my pets in ferocity with growl off; if I want to solo I put them in tenacity and turn on growl. It's not actually hard to manage and if Glyph if still snapshotting your current pet's cooldowns then it's a DPS loss to use.

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    Stampede summons a clone of your current pet in place of each ineligible one you have on you. So you don't lose anything by not using the glyph, unless you have an eligible pet that isn't ferocity. And I never run with a BM pet unless I'm forced to play it for raid comp, which isn't often.

    In many non-raid PVE cases you are actually worse off with the glyph as one of the biggest benefits of Stampede is that all of your pets apply their buff/debuff.

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    Bringing an exotic beast as Survival/Marksman clones your current pet and on some fights cloned pets like to cause a huge FPS drop which affects your raids DPS to drop significantly for those who are affected by it (It mainly happens in 25 man raids I think).

    Your opener on your last log seemed better from what I could see in a quick look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basic Fail View Post
    Your opener on your last log seemed better from what I could see in a quick look.
    Where in logs does it say what opener I used?

    When do you guys use Readiness? Straight away after Muder of Crows DoT has finished or do you wait until Murder of Crows comes off cool down?

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    I am using the Expression Editor to view someones opener/rotation.
    Click Dashboard -> Expression Editor -> Build Query.

    Select "sourceName" followed by a name (case sensitive!).
    Then you see everything that player does, including damage done.

    If you want to see someones rotation you want to filter all that information by casts.
    So you add another element with TYPE_CAST.

    To make it even easier you can copy the following code and put it directly in the Expression Editor, and you only need to add your name.
    However, I suggest to mess around with World of Logs.

    sourceName = "PlayerNameHere"
    AND type = TYPE_CAST

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    Thanks, Basic Fail.

    I want to learn how to use WorldOfLogs so I can study/compare my performance without bothering everyone else

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