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    So. Who knew I would get a 522 Cha Ye in my lock. I already have the VP trink. I guess I should switch my 502 hydra, right? I mean... 522 vs 502 might be already enough for the switch. I just love hydra so far and I feel... weird. (and I hate crit)

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    This is disturbing. I spent some time on raid training dummy to check Hydra 502 vs Cha Ye 522. And they are almost identical DPS :S Is this normal?

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    Target dummy tests aren't necessarily representative of raid results unless you dragged your raid team out to the target dummy with you.
    Also remember that there's a fair amount of RNG involved, and unless you've done an exhaustive number of tests at the dummy, your results may be misleading.

    Completely ignoring (not using) trinkets and other proc effects, using the same rotation, your DPS can theoretically differ by 30% from one fight to the next. 90% of the time there isn't such a large swing unless the RNG gods hate you. You will typically see a much smaller difference, but it's enough that it could (and likely will) mask the benefit you get from a new trinket in a small scale test. Especially when not using full raid buffs and a debuffed target.
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