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    Warrior worth playing?

    I'm returning to the game after a long break since around the end of Cata. From what I hear, Warriors have been nerfed pretty hard and not all the viable. Is it really worth playing anymore? Or should I begin the transition to say a DK or Mage?

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    they were overbuffed at the start of mop. they've tuned them down. They are pretty decent but people around here likes to go all black or all white and since the last thing warrior had was a nerf they'll say something about they are gimped and dead much like they are already claiming the end of rogues for 5.2 or the end of wow

    if you really enjoy warrior over dk and mage, just play your warrior its fun.

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    That's true, people tend to take what they're given to the extremes. And yeah I've played nothing but Warrior since around the end of BC. I just don't want to stay on a class that is gonna keep me below 2k because their damage is 10% below everyone elses off the bat.

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    It really depends. Warriors are warriors. You want a highly mobile class? Play a warrior. You want an assload of buttons that can be used in a variety of scenarios? Play a warrior. You want to be the best/most viable dps spec? Play something else, and it'll probably swap every tier and hotfix.

    The play style is a rapid, always changing rotation, usually involving big numbers (in PvE, sometimes in PvP).

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    Completely subjective, but if you want my personal opinion, I've found my Warrior less fun as Prot and more fun as Arms since MoP.
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    I find both fury/arms to be more fun, and prot is much more fun than it was in cata as well. This is from a PVE view though. Warriors take some work to get down, but are worth it IMO.

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    Warriors are fine. If you want to tank, all the tank classes are more or less balanced(as balanced as they've ever been). Our DPS is good, albeit gear dependent as Fury. Is it the "best?" Probably not but really unless you're in one of the cutting edge top 1% of guilds in the world that doesn't matter as it's more about player skill and if you play properly your DPS will be more than enough to clear content.

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