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    Just spend the whole night wiping on this fucker and it seems to be getting around 30% and going on the third set of beams that its just goes crazy.. Is there any secret that we should be doing? we switch groups up each set


    Set one
    melee red
    ranged blue
    tanks yellow

    set two
    ranged red
    melee blue
    tanks yellow

    We also switch people at 3 debuff for life drain...

    But like I said it just seems like its not getting anywhere and people are just taking way to much damage..

    Our comp is



    ele shaman
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    Since the only info you have provided specific to your raid is your comp, I can safely say that is not the reason why you are wiping. Without logs or more info, we cant really help you other than offering some random general advice.

    3 stack life drain is fine. I hope you are not revealing the blue add; also tell your healers to blow CDs during the light beam phase. You should be aiming to kill it within 2 phases really. Having 3 light beam phases points to low dps. Hero prepot at the start etc..

    As I said, we can't help you anymore if you don't give us logs/ more specific info.

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    I'd love to provide logs, but we dont run logs...

    ya, we are getting to like 66% by first maze

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilj View Post
    I'd love to provide logs, but we dont run logs...

    ya, we are getting to like 66% by first maze
    That sounds extremely bad. We get under 30% on the first maze in Heroic with a 6 minute kill. Just sounds like a low / bad dps problem.

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    could be, ill run logs tom night. Our mage and spriest are doing like 80k dps and the rest are about 110k and myself around 150k

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    Having enough DPS that you only have to deal with two Light Spectrum phases is nice because it reduces the amount of Life Drains (and the duration of those Light Spectrum phases) you have to deal with, but it's far from required. If you're not hitting Berserk, you're not wiping due to DPS.

    Your paladin should be able to solo tank it (bubble or hop self on 6th stack with a cancelaura macro) without much difficulty to get some more DPS out or you can continue to 2-tank and just save tank swaps/bubbles/hops for the beginning of the Light Spectrum phases so your healers are less stressed during those phases.

    Light Spectrum phases are ~3 mins apart so basically every raid/healing CD can and should be popped during them.

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    Ypu most definitely put your melee in red beam. Since you move the red beam around and when you discover an add, your melee can move straight to it, w/o leaving their beam. Thus they don't loose any DPS.

    Healers are best fitted for blue, as the blue beam stands still which doesn't require your healers to move around. And if they stay close to boss, everyone should be in rage.

    Are you sure, that your people are not getting more then 3 stacks of that debuff from Life Drain? Just cause if someone is not careful enough and steps into the beam, then if they had Life Drain debuff, they will start getting more stacks and thus healing the boss more.

    In the coloblind phase (with the beam), try to move your red beam around as fast as possible to discover the fog things as fast as possible (someone calling/marking the locations of the red adds before hand, will be very helpful). The longer you stay in the beam phase inside the beam, the more of that color beam debuff you will be getting. And if you were not fast enough to get all the reds discovered by roughly 30ish stacks of the debuff (specially on tank), then in later colorblind phases you will start taking increasing damage from the beams, which will start stressing your healers.
    So in general - make sure you discover the adds as fast as you can, to lessen the time you spend in the beam. The longer you take to discover adds, the longer you stay in beam, the more damage you start to take.

    Durumu melees alot, so make sure that your tanks are using their active mitigation as much as possible and helping the healers out with their own healing to drop the debuff, which requires your tank to be at full HP. So as soon as tank has that debuff, make sure you top them up, as it stacks. Each stack does increasing damage.

    Lastly in the fog phase, try to stay in the openings in the fog. Those are much more easier to spot and stay in, in the range part. In melee on half the times it is very hard to see the opening, but you shouldn't be taking much damage from the fog, if you make sure you don't stand in it.

    Our Durumu's first kill we didn't have impressive DPS as well (our yesterdays logs). But as long as you don't let him heal that much, discover the fog beasts fast and avoid as much of damage as possible, you should be more then fine. It is bit like, give some pulls, get comfortable with the mechanics and kill will follow.
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    My suggestion, have both paladins spec into clemency. Have the paladin tank. Have them use Divine shield and Hand of Protection twice, then the other paladin use Hand of protection twice. You can safely use them at 5 stacks (did this just tonight). For a little more time for cds to come up you can do it at six if you wish. That will provide a dps boost. Just be sure the prot paladin has cancel aura macros for each one.

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    We have pretty good dps all around and the first time we killed it was a few seconds after the 3rd colorblind phase, so no worries.

    We actually don't change the beam groups at all, not for the 2nd phase, and not for the 3rd either. The damage increased is not really an issue.

    The 1rst colorblind phase just be really quick, have everyone looking for where the adds pop so everyone knows where are the red ones if they get the beam. Have people mark them with raid markers as well.
    We do :
    Red : 2 Melee + Me (frostmage), because then the melee are always there to dps the adds
    Blue : 2 healers + 1 tank
    Yellow : Ranged, cause most of the time they will be in rage to dps the adds

    If for exemple I get the Blue beam, I call it and we switch we another person, this is KEY, communication is VERY important on the beam phase.

    Tell your people to stay as close to the center as possible, if they get too far, healers won't be able to heal them and that's wipe.

    Basically it was kill when people weren't clueless and knew how to handle the beam phase, once every beam phase is clean, you got the kill. Maze phase is a joke.

    This is our log from the first kill :

    Hope you get him soon

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    I would suggest either one tanking or two healing to get more dps. The third light spectrum phase is crazy amounts of waking. Additionally you should be aiming for 15-20 stacks per light spectrum phase (15-20 secs). Additionally, no life drains happen until after the first maze phase so you should aim for at minimum 50% there.

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    This isn't a 3 heal fight, you should drop one for a DPS. The only part that is remotely hard to heal is the beam phase, and the more DPS you have the less damage that phase does. It should really be 2 healed. You can potentially drop to 1 tank as well, just have a melee run with the MT in yellow beam. 66% by first maze is slow, it should be closer to 50% and the boss should be dying shortly after the 2nd maze.

    There's no reason to switch groups, melee always in red and healers in blue. Have at least 3 DPS on killing the red adds, your 2 melee and your most mobile ranged. Those adds need to die asap.

    If people are taking too much damage then either you're in light phase too long (quite likely) or your healers aren't good enough (less likely but probably also a factor). Remember to use raid CDs in this phase, its not like there's anywhere else that they'll be needed. Revival, Healing Tide and Aura Mastery etc. are all quite good here.

    Also consider bloodlusting right at the start of the fight to get some good damage in.

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    I thank you all for the comments so far, It is greatly appreciated <33

    We do lust prepot off the start

    I do think our communication needs to be a little better like during life drain it seemed like people were just hoping in when they pleased to take stacks rather than communicating "Hey I'm next, we'd then have 3 people hop in at once, because noone would communicate."

    For beams we usually are round 15-20 stacks, worst 25. I did notice tho last night whoever had the red beam would seem to forget about the add and would stand still for 2-3 seconds after the add had been dead, that I do know needs to be improved... As far as dropping raid markers I got 3 macros for dropping them keybinded to f1 f2 f3 so I usually get all 3 of them dropped asap , we have someone else get the blue marker.

    I do agree we should prob drop to a 2 heals, only thing is I dont think any of our healers have a dps off spec, if anything maybe the shaman. Ill have to get with him.
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    You can also solo tank this fight. Go 7 debuffs, then HoP the tank, then go 4 and it'll clear in the maze. I'd suggest using MW/pally as your healers. The other shaman going dps would be great for more chain lightning on the ice walls.

    Also, have your DKs go into the beam with AMS already-popped. You'll see what a difference this makes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kilj View Post
    We also switch people at 3 debuff for life drain...
    This could acctually cause more headace than you think, we usually have all reanged/healers stand far back after a maze, and then they run infront of each other in order to minimize the heal, i think at one point he only healed 1% from that in the entire fight

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    If your problem is the healing, then I wouldn't suggest 2 healing it. If your raid has that low dps, then getting rid of a healer and getting in a dps, probably wont compensate enuf.

    Depending on the gear, you should try and get ur paladin to solo tank it. Make him reset at 5, so he got 0 stacks for the Light Spectrum, then pop cds when he reaches 5-6 stacks be4 the maze. That opens up more dps, and more vengeance to the paladin, which means more healing. I suggest him spamming Holy Prism.

    Other than that, its just about execution. The better u execute LS, which is good rotation of ppl in the different colors, fast killing of the red adds, pop raidcds (healing tide is potent for ur elemental shaman, and its better than than conductivity and ancestral guidence because of all the movement. Vampiric Embrace from the SP) and personal cds for the Life Drain, the easier its going to be to heal.

    The healing from Life Drain is based on the amount of damage the drainee takes, so having heavy cooldowns on the people drained is going to minimize the healing on the boss. AMS, Dispurse, the current offtank (if u are 2 tanking it) with cds

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    How do you have 3 healers and none with a DPS off-spec? If you 3 heal every single fight that's a gimped raid comp in general, since 10m raids have been around at least half of the fights have generally been 2 heal ones. In fact probably more than half. You should aim to either have 11+ raid members or healers with off-specs. Or preferably both.

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    We have 13 members on raid team, just we been 3 healing everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by critterkiller View Post
    This could acctually cause more headace than you think, we usually have all reanged/healers stand far back after a maze, and then they run infront of each other in order to minimize the heal, i think at one point he only healed 1% from that in the entire fight
    I like this Idea

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    You really need to run logs and come back here and post them. It's almost impossible to help you when you give us no information.

    With that said, with the little bit of information you provided, I think the reason you're wiping is because of DPS. Those light beams put a debuff on you that makes you take more and more damage from said beams. You're doing these beams 3 times in the fight when most guilds do 1 or 2. Your raid may also be slow on ending the colour phase making the debuff stack even higher causing a lot more damage than necessary. Your heals can't handle this crazy damage.

    In short, drop a heal so you don't have to do 3 beam phases, or make sure who ever is running red beam is doing it quickly. Like I said though this is just me theory crafting, I honestly have no clue. Post some logs and we'll know for sure and this will be an easy fix. Other than that we can only speculate on the problem which may or may not help.
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    Others have said it already, you're only going to get so far without logs, but I'll try to give you some things to watch for.

    - Life Drain - you've already said you're swapping at 3 stacks. As long as you do this consistently you'll be fine, but it will still help to have your shaman or rogue apply a healing debuff (rising sun kick, wound poison) when life drain is up to keep the healing as low as possible.

    - Healing - if you can get away with 2-healing this fight, do it. It's a dps fight more than anything, especially since paladins can take clemency to get double hand of protection and clear the hard stare and arterial cut debuffs. Light beam phases might get a little scary, but should still be manageable.

    - Dps - it sounds like you guys are on the low end for this fight. 30% by the 3rd light beam phase is just not enough. You want to have him low enough that you can kill him before the 3rd lights phase, or at least just ignore the light phase and burn him down.

    Things that might help dps
    - We put 5 markers around the room and start by calling out positions of the blue add. It's also nice if a few people can keep an eye on the spawn points for the 2nd and 3rd crimson adds to make the phase go faster. The quicker you get through this phase, the more time you have to dps the boss uninterrupted.
    - During disintegration beam, try to have everyone on the melee path. It's a tougher path to follow because it sometimes dives under the boss, but there's less movement needed, so ranged classes can do more damage here. In the outer path, they don't have much time to stop and dps. If you have someone you can mark as a target to follow (preferably a healer as they aren't doing much else this phase), it helps a ton to allow dps to focus less on their path and more on damage.
    - If you aren't already, bloodlust at the beginning of the fight. It's the only time you won't have interference from life drain so you can get as much boosted dps out as possible.

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    We used to have this fight be our only real wall even a couple weeks after getting the kill, but we've done some smoothing out and it goes well enough each week, so I can only offer some tips for each big mechanic based on my experience.

    -Over anything else, you may want to make sure your raid leader that can grab vent by the horns while you're learning this one.

    -Have someone who is willing to (ideally a ranged) macro the floating raid flares/markers to their bars, and have them be paying attention when Light Spectrum starts so they can plop down some markers where they see the adds spawn. This is my role in our group, and I have absolutely no qualms about slowing my personal DPS (moonkin) for 5 seconds before the phase starts, since it makes the phases so much faster. Person with red beam just runs the beam onto each mark. Though, it is possible that you might only catch 2 fog spawns, in which case the marker will want to let everyone know to be careful moving Red around so they don't explode it on accident.

    World Marker Macro
    /click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton
    /click DropDownList1Button1
    Change 'Button1' to 'Button2,' 'Button3,' etc. for different colors.

    Best Script Ever
    /console cameradistancemaxfactor 7
    Lets you zoom your view out way more than normal, huge for seeing fogs.

    -Speaking of Light Spectrum, we usually sit 2 healers and a melee in blue, our tanks and a melee (or just the tanks if we've only 1 melee that night) in yellow, and one healer and ranged dps hang out in red.

    -Personal DPS is important to stay on top of, but sorting out how to handle Life Drain effectively will give you more bang for your buck than nearly anything else you can do on this fight. We rarely use vent for communicating who goes next, honestly. Figure out maybe 3-4 people that will try to handle it no matter what. Ranged/healers get ~15-20 yards near to the poor sap that got it spawned on them (make sure they're at a good range from Durumu, being in melee makes the beam hell to pick up), and if you're going to get the beam next, just get stood next to the person. You can know how many stacks they're at by how many times the purple beam has flashed. We usually try for 2-3 stacks. You never want people grouped on the person getting drained to lessen the chance of a force of will murdering them (though you can blink out of it at the last moment if you are about to go flying)

    With knowing that you have a team assigned to handle life drain (healers are good for getting it if you have dps problems), it makes the mechanic much less horrible. It can get hairy during Light Spectrum, just make sure that you have people in whatever color beam it got spawned in able to help pick it up while a couple ranged can get over there (assuming it's not in Red already).

    -Not really much you can do for the Eye Sores other than possibly getting a mark on someone that isn't shit at running the melee path (me in our group, though I'm a moonkin so a mark is hardly neccessary :3) and having people that consistently have trouble with the maze to just trust them and stay right on them. Keeping personal DPS going here is important, but making sure you get out of the phase with 10 healthy raid members is a far larger priority.

    -Make sure you aren't dropping Lingering Gazes anywhere but at range.

    Like I say, mechanics are more likely to be an issue than DPS. We've killed it with some straight-up awful meter showings. As long as you can execute the mechanics smoothly (light phases are quick, he doesn't heal too much, no one dies to shit) it gets rid of most of the cascading problems.

    Good luck getting it down.

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