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    How many quests does it take to get from 80-90?

    Ballpark :3 I've done it but am curious.
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    No one is going to know the answer to this.

    I have 1077 quests completed on my Monk. I did:
    19 quests in BC
    ~20 quests in WotLK
    37 in Kalimdor
    136 in EK
    65 in Panda Starting Zone
    ~50 Dungeon Quests
    ~50 Miscellaneous

    So 836 or so is what I did it in. I was a monk so I had extra XP for an hour a day which I usually used on dungeon quests. Took 5 days to level 80-90 so I used it 6 times. I only did each dungeon once, so not a huge amount of XP saved. Might take you 7 or 8 quests for each of those to make it up.

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    Really? I felt like I did at least 300 quests in pandaria alone. And I was spamming dungeons. How the hell do you level so quick?

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    The Statistics Page is wrong, for example, this level 12 monk did 2640 quests. (I wonder if it is account wide.)

    Anyway, my level 90 monk did 455 quests (not include dailies).

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