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    Hunter-Breaking 4set T15 for item upgrade? Please assist

    I currently use 522 Leishen legs as my offpiece.

    Yesterday I received HC TF chest from horridon(Sullithuz chainmail or something)
    Is it worth breaking the 4set bonus to use this chest over the tier 522 chest?

    Or should I use 522 tier legs instead of lei shen legs and keep 4set?

    We're going to progress on HC Tortos tonight and I would like to bring my best game.

    Thanks in advance for your advice, it is greatly appreciated.
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    Use 522 tier leg + HC TF chest and keep 4 set.

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    Check simcraft/femaledwarf.

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    lei shen legs normal + 4 set over TF'ed heroic chest.
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    Depending on where your hit/exp end up (how far above/below caps), you might see different results. Either way, the two choices are very close.

    Quote Originally Posted by Meleti View Post
    Check simcraft/femaledwarf.
    This is really the best answer, the answer to every one of these threads that comes up every single day.

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    And every single time I only wonder, how many pure single target fights there are. I imagine full 522 tier set would do more dps in sims compared to having all of those items hc tf, but what about when we are fighting againts horridon, council, tortos, megaera, ji-kun(?), durumu, primordius I'm not sure, thunderhawk attack what it wants to but sure extra shot from 4set might be useful, animus thunderhawk is even dangerous if it attacks wrong target, first fight that is completely singe target without small cleave in the end is iron Quon. So I wouldn't trust sims toomuch although they are great for dummy testing.

    For op, don't break 4set because u got a single hc loot from horridon, u need a lot more hc tf before stats outweight 4set.

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    Anyone who thinks Simcraft can only sim single target fights is not terribly familiar with Simcraft.

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    I'd personally stick with lei-shen legs and 4-set.
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