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    Ya take away all of those QOL and the game will magically be better now!!!! This is probably the most absurd argument I have ever read since ya know riding from point A to B is sooooooo awesome, whats even better is people can still do that but they choose to fly. So I'm guessing he is specifically speaking about riding through an area with the possibility of being ganked, a more pvp realm, which was so much fun and added so much immersion especilly since the people that did this tended to be in a rather large party. Ya lets increase the time sink even more for no apparent reason and the people will love it just liked they loved all the gated daily content in the incipient stages of MOP. I'm an old timer and I disagree completely, all of those things have been great in my opinion for the game. I mean hell who enjoyed flying/riding to the entrance then wait for another mofo to get there to start summoning then have the tank/healer drop and be b ack at square 1 and then the group breaks up. Ya that was great and a big waste of time.

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    WoW has moved on to a newer generation. That generation likes how things are now. Us old folkies want what we had back when we first started playing. It's perfectly normal to feel that way. Blizz isn't going to do that for us though. They know we are far more likely to step away from the game, given our time that we have spent playing it. It's a smart business idea for them, but very sad for us orginal WoW generation.

    Gotta move on or except the change.

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    He called wow a sandbox. Burn him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagoroth23 View Post

    Ofc none of this will happen as the tears that would be shed could possibly flood the world and wipe us all out. The new breed of player has no balls, has no ability to shake him/herself down after being ganked and certainly has no patience to ride from A to B. Can you imagine the wow players of today trying to survive in Vanilla, they would have a heart attack at how hardcore it used to be. No I am afraid MMO's now are so easy, so spoon fed that the players today simply could not cope with old wow.

    From a business point of view Blizzard are currently their own worst enemy, they are killing the game by making it so easy and forgiving. If they opened a BC server millions would return, but this would be an admission of doing it wrong and the PR department won't allow that
    You seems to know exactly what is required. How can you be wrong? I think you should apply to Blizzard as one of their senior strategist. Blizzard would be stupid not to hire you.

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