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    A pet vs elemental and aquatic

    Hey folks, Just filling out my pet battle roster, just curious if you've stumbled upon a pet that can handle aquatic and elementals? It seems those types are a real drag for me -_-.

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    Try to get a critter with good flying attacks. Darkmoon Hatchling might be a good option with a Hawk Eye and Flock combo.

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    Against Aquatic I usually use a moth and/or a glowfly and chuck in my onyxian whelp as it has a good heal and also has lift off a flying ability - of course setups can vary.

    Against Elemental I use Eternal Strider (Pump hits hard) and a frog, then chuck in usually my onyxian whelp (i love my onyxian whelp lol I've had it in my teams since day one of MoP and Pet battles)

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