This has been my gripe for a while now. I love tanking, it is enjoyable, you feel like a pivotal player in the raid, the gearing is less nightmarish since there is you and some other dude to argue for gear over and I'm damned good at what I do when I still played.

My issue was finding a guild. I tried and tried and with little luck. Either I would find a guild that would fall to pieces in about a month or two leaving me without anywhere to call home again, the guild would be great people but be bad and unwilling to remove those whom weren't up to scratch because we were close knit as a group ( I get this but getting it doesn't make it easier ) or finally all the spots that were sought after were taken. You get stuck in a rutt and personally I can only take that for so long before I become disenchanted with everything all over again.

Now don't get me wrong the other roles are awesome, healing can be exciting on some fight so long as I never have to play a Paladin Healer again since it basically was "spread HoT all over the place" and damage is cool, but they never could keep me interested for long enough. I loved standing in front of something hacking away trying to keep my friends and I alive while pandemonium was let loose upon our small raids.

Sadly I feel like being a tank without being in a guild from the get go is near impossible. Either they have had the same tank for years or would rather shift their roster and pick up a new dps than get a new tank.

So what say you guys. Anyone else get stuck in place like I find myself?