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    Do you like scenarios?

    Personally I have a deep and abiding hatred of scenarios, and I simply can't fathom how anyone can enjoy them. To me it seems like a scenario is an endless trash pull with no real bosses, no good loot, and no real challenge.

    So I guess I'm curious to hear what others think about scenarios, especially from those of you that enjoy them. just to hear what the "other side" thinks.
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    No because they are using them to try and replace 5 mans. They took the time to update scenarios to "heroic" because they feel silly in 500+ gear. Well the heroic 5 mans feel silly in 500+ gear too.

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    I think they could do SO much more with them. I played LOTRO briefly and I loved the "Skirmish" concept that they had. It was basically like a scenario that you could run either Solo (you had an item that would summon an NPC to help you, and you could customize them to be RDPS/MDPS/Tank/Healer to complement you) or with a group (and difficulty scaled), with one of three difficulty levels (rewards scaled) and it gave you "Skirmish Marks" that you could use at all levels to get fairly good quality gear. This was at all levels of content (although disclaimer I only played until around level 30) and the gear you got was usually good enough to last a while into the next few levels (but not as good as dungeon gear).

    I wish Scenarios would have been like that. They should be alongside running dungeons as a way to level and get gear for people who don't want to do dungeons or who enjoy very small group play. I also think that they should be at all levels, not just endgame, and also take the place of group quests (which was the intent but isn't what happened). I really like the solo scenarios on Isle of Thunder and that concept needs to be expanded on greatly.
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    Said meh because while I like that you don't need a tank or a healer, it's just an instanced group chain tbh.
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    I haven't done every single one of them yet, but I mostly agree with what Arothand posted. I didn't even enjoy LOTRO that much, but Skirmishes in that game were fun and pretty challenging in a good way.

    I voted meh because the few I have done are pretty meh. Too bland for me to hate them, definitely not exciting or good. If they added scenarios to the leveling experience, I would prefer they simply turn existing dungeons into a 3-person scenario by giving you a powerful tank/healer NPC and/or adjusting mobs so you don't necessarily need a tank/healer. I do think it would be a good idea as an alternative to queueing for dungeons, but I don't want them to waste a lot of time creating new scenarios to run for levels 15-90.

    Also I feel like most of MOP's scenarios could have been given out gradually, like when you meet the minimum level requirement for the zones they take place in. The more story-heavy ones like Dalaran or TOT could remain 90-only, but honestly, I didn't feel like Brewmoon Festival or the storm one or the hozen beer stealing/brewing one were really worthy of being a level 90-only experience.

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    I enjoy some of them, others I'm meh about. I like them being an alternative, i like the insta queue etc. I don't see a problem.

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    They're just a bit.... Poo.

    I dunno, I do them on new alts to get some entry gear but I don't enjoy or pay attention to them. Just rush through spamming Whirlwind/Divine Storm/Fan of Knives/Multishot.

    I wont be doing the heroic ones. They're boring enough as is without the trash packs taking 5x longer to kill.

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    I think they're a piss poor replacement for real content (5 mans).

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    I like that you can use whatever group you happen to have, even if that does rather relegate my primary role (tank).

    I like that it's not just "Kill X groups of trash, then kill boss, repeat 3-5 times".

    Alternating in variety (e.g. gather the beer, defend the cauldron, defend four zones being attacked, etc) makes it more interesting.

    I'm very much looking forward to heroic scenarios tho, because they are pretty faceroll mostly. Not that dungeons aren't faceroll too, but at least there are challenge modes there.

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    They're a better alternative to facilitate story-telling compared to group quests, but once you did them X times they get boring, as with everything else. Making Heroic scenarios seems a bit out of place though, but I'll wait and see how it turns out.

    Overall, I like them.
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    I voted meh. For me scenarios is just a quick way to get valor. Since most of them are pretty short and you only spend 10min+ doing them.
    But I think they should be more challanging, hence why I'm looking forward to see how the Heroic Secnarios will be.

    I don't hate scenarios, but I think they should be more of a challange.
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    I'm with OP on this. I hate scenarios with a passion for all reasons mentioned, and I hated the ToT dailies scenarios as much. The stories are completely crap too, if at least the stories were interesting and fit somehow in a bigger overarching story that you really want to find out how it ends, then just maybe I'd be bothered. But as it is now, I don't touch scenarios with a stick, let alone with any of my characters, even if it'd drop 500 epic loot.

    I also am really curious what people enjoy about them. Someone said they feel silly in 500+ gear. That's the thing though, they ALWAYS felt silly (dungeons too for that matter). I feel insulted in my intelligence and skill every time I do a scenario, be it at ilvl 530 or 440.

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    They're alright, sometimes if I need Valor I can find myself getting into scenarios a great deal since they're so short and it feels like fast and easy Valor. I enjoy them the first time too for the lore, but afterwards it's just the easy Valor. Not the most interesting feature, but it's cool.

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    Love 'em. My guild is quite small, and none of us that are active main a healer, so Heroics are out of the question (we prefer to group up just in guild). Scenarios are perfect for us because we'll usually only have 3 people on at a time.

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    I think they would be much more useful while leveling and/or as storytelling tools. As content to grind for Valor they're quite meh (like super easy heroics with no challenge).
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    They can be interesting if properly designed, but are not a replacement for 5-mans. The main problem with them is replay value. They also haven't been quite as engaging as I was hoping for.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stannis View Post
    I think they would be much more useful while leveling and/or storytelling tools.
    Yes, I would like to see leveling content scenarios to make the experience bit more varied.

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    Never tried it.

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    I like to do them once in a while if I don't have much time and want to do something/get some VP/am bored from normal questing etc, but I neither love nor hate them.
    basically I think they could be used for nice things such as telling pieces of the lore (with older lore, not only pandaria stuff), that could be really epic.
    at the moment I'd prefer they make some new dungeons instead of more and more scenarios, even the upcoming heroic scenarios are just not comparable to dungeons >_>

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    Not rly. Nothing Cool about them mechanic-wise. But i admit they are great way to put lore into game. But aside from that i do them only for quick 50 valor.

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    I love em. It's pretty cool... some are very good, some scenario's are meh... and, you get 50 valor..

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