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    Here I was coming in the thread expecting to refute everything due to seeing WoW and FPS together, but I actually agree with the OP. There is nothing wrong with queues and the general direction, at all, but more content (specifically PvP content) would be nice.

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    Yea I think people are confusing what im saying somewhat. I am not talking about MMOFPS or charging additional money for content. I am talking about just releasing content and patches on a monthly basis but in smaller amounts.

    On the subject of gear my idea was to due away with traditional tier gear. Instead make set bonuses and just make regular gear drop. Then make a reagent that drops from the bosses that makes an item part of a tier set but also decreases the stats of that particular item by 5-10%. This would make choosing a piece to make part of your tier a big deal. Gear wouldnt have to necessarily improve but by a few item levels per raid. For some raids there would be no ilevel increase. This would better allow them to tune the game through more frequent class and gear tuning.

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    Or at least it needs to release content at a maximum every two months.

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    Any more discussion on this topic?
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