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    Yet another opinion on the WoW is dying problem.

    I thought about naming this thread obligatory wow is "ded" post but I didnt think it would get views.

    I think the biggest problem with this and any game is information.

    In the beginning we had Thottbot and it was constantly down or had misleading info. Now we have something like 10+ good sites for information on items and such. 5+ sites per class and probably in some cases per spec. We have constant updates from sites like this one that give each one of us all the latest datamined info.

    It is this wealth of information that is causing the decline of the game over time, in my opinion.

    Do you remember just playing a game from scratch and sometimes looking up a cheat code or how to get ultima weapon?

    How was it to turn the corner and find something new? Check that back stairwell? Maybe this chest will have something I need dearly!

    The access to the PTR is not limitless but it is displayed in a well formatted whatever so you can know the boss before the patch is a month from live.

    It is the same for most people with cheat codes; use them once and the game is never the same.

    We have that access and with its ease of use we can find out how to grind that next achieve in a mere 4 hours!

    just my opinion. felt like I owed it and my poor grammar to the community.

    I'm lazy. sue me.

    Edit: should of mentioned I dont really think the game is "dying" per se. I was just talking about the recent decline in subs which are probably mostly unneeded bots anyway.

    I should of mentioned the fact that many of the gamers that have left are younger people and have a bad habit of lacking in the commitment department and just want the next big thrill.
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    Since when is 8 million players dying? My town has 700 people. Its still thriving. People come and go. You know when I will probably quit the game? When I probably find a girlfriend who can deal with my ass. But all you conspiracy artists can chalk that up as the game is just to casual for me ok?

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