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    Quote Originally Posted by MAXCAVALERA View Post
    I used LFR when it came out , out of curiosity , as most people did , back in Cata.

    I used it again 2 times to check out the 2 other raids , i felt nothing , it was bland , boring. So i wonder.

    What type of enjoyment does it provide to you?

    Is it for gear, purples , with the tag " poo" , i mean "raidfinder" on it ?

    Does it give a sense of progression , of improvement of your game ?

    To see all the content? so you can say you have beaten the game?
    Speaking just for myself, I find LFRs to be enjoyable and at least more of a challenge than heroic dungeons. Due to my job, despite the fact that I play a good amount of time every week, I am not able to dedicate myself to setting aside the average of two nights for raiding normals and heroics with a guild. It isn't the ideal situation: I'd love to do harder raids, but the fact is my job and other personal responsibilities make it impossible to promise that I'll be available for 2 hours every Tuesday and Thursday, for example, and even when I am on and think I have awhile the time to prep for a raid and go through it is long enough that I'd often have to quit before we were done. I teach at a University, am writing a dissertation, working a side job... sadly, WoW doesn't lend itself to people with busy and eclectic schedules like mine. I play a lot but always at completely random dates and times... LFR is what I have to settle for since most guilds aren't accommodating to people who can't ensure that they'll make it for the full time set aside for raiding twice or, sometimes, thrice a wekk...

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    its a bigger and "little" bit harder version of LFD that improve's my gear, i find it more enoyable to do then wipe for 3+ hours everyday or week
    and also its nice to see the raid =)

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