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    Question do you have an addiction to wow

    This game is often crtizized because its too addicting. I have an addiction to this game... but i embrace it. TLDR are you addicted to wow?

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    As this topic comes up all the time I'm going to have to respond the same I do every week and say No, I'm not addicted to WoW. In fact, I haven't played in like a month +.

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    Yep. Though I'm getting more and more burned out as each day passes by.

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    Yes But it's mostly because gaming is in the shitter and WoW is more bang for your buck unless you purchase an RTS game in todays DLC filled 2hours to beat the 60$ game world.
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    Nah. It's mildly entertaining. Nothing terribly addictive about it.
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    There were times when I played way more than I do now and I might have been tempted to say "Yes... damnit, yes," while hanging my head in shame but those days are no more.

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    Used to be, but after a while i get overdosed and burn out and need to take a break. Not that these take very long (month(s)) but the game keeps drawing my attention.

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    I have been in the past but not any longer. I only play casually now and by casually I mean really casually. I last logged on sunday i think to do some darkmoon stuff. Ill probably play more in 5.3 when alts are less of a chore.

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