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    Addon to track all raids cds

    Looking for a lightweight addon to track CDs like devo aura and tranq

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    I like to use BloodLegionRaidCooldown. Can be found on curse. It's called BLT Raid Cooldowns on Curse.

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    BL addon is good. Hermes is good.
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    I used BL Raid Cooldowns for some time and wasn't quite happy with it. Sometimes it bugged and didn't display cooldowns correctly (might have been some fault on my side), but I wanted an addon where I can quicky look and decide which person has cooldown ready so I can shout it out. Then I discovered Hermes, highly configurable addon which, after some time spending on configuration, can provide whatever you need. It looks something like this: (I prefer bars over icons)

    Main window with all raid cooldowns on the left, battle rezz's and stormlash totem next to the damage meter.
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    DBM does this.

    *Not lightweight though.
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    http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/blt-raid-cooldowns != http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/bl_cooldown

    But hermes does it too in a different way. We try to improve BLT Raid Cooldown as much as possible. But it's take soooo many time. We try to update it as soon as we have time, and we have a lot of idea

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    I was doing pretty much the same thing that Faeglendir had said. Using BLT Raid Cooldowns. I quickly switched when I found Hermes. You can seperate all your cooldowns and put them in groups, for instance I have all of the raid cooldowns in one, Rez's in another and tank cooldowns in another. Only thing I wish Hermes did was announce when someone uses their cooldown.

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    I use Hermes to track combatresses, although it can track almost anything that is a raid cooldown. A weird part though, which I think is a bug, is that when you soulstone someone the cooldown in the addon says 15 minutes for you only, but 10 minutes for other warlocks. Still does so when you change the base cooldown in options to 600 seconds. Only bugs like this when you are the warlock soulstoning though.

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